US 2 in Vermont


US 2
Get started Rouses Point
End Lancaster
Length 152 mi
Length 244 km
New YorkBurlington

Burlington – Montpelier:


St Johnsbury

New Hampshire

US 2 is a US Highway in the US state of Vermont. The road forms an east-west route through the north of the state, from the New York state border at the great Lake Champlain via Burlington and the capital Montpelier to the New Hampshire border at Lancaster. The route is 244 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

US 2 in New York enters Vermont via the Rouses Point Bridge, crossing Lake Champlain, a large lake. It is located about a kilometer from the border with Canada. At Alburg the road bends to the south, and starts a route to the south over various (peninsula) islands of Lake Champlain. At the mouth of the Lamoille River, the road rejoins the mainland, and shortly thereafter intersects Interstate 89, the highway from Burlington to Montreal. Immediately afterwards the road merges with US 7, which comes from Montreal. The area then starts to get a bit hillier, but still has relatively little forest. You then arrive at Burlington, the largest city in Vermont with 39,000 inhabitants. Surrounding it is an urban area with a total of 200,000 inhabitants, located on Lake Champlain. Crossing the Winooski River here, you pass through the center of Burlington. The road then turns east, passing the Burlington Airport, before following a parallel route along Interstate 89to the east follows. Some higher mountains are visible in the distance, but the area around the road is sloping. One crosses the I-89 several times. The highest point nearby is about 1200 meters. The area therefore has considerably more forest. After about 60 kilometers you reach Montpelier, the capital of the state, and has 8,000 inhabitants.

In Montpelier, I-89 curves south toward White River Junction and Concord in New Hampshire, but US 2 continues eastbound. This is also where US 302 begins, the road to Littleton in the east. US 2 then curves slightly to the northeast, passing through hilly and wooded areas of the quiet Vermont countryside. Then there are over 50 kilometers to St. Johnsbury, the last larger town in Vermont. Here you cross Interstate 91, the highway from Springfield in Massachusetts to Sherbrooke in Canada. In St. Johnsbury, a town with a few thousand inhabitants, one also crosses the US 5, which runs parallel to I-91. The road then continues east through the forested hills, through the northeast corner of Vermont, the most sparsely populated part of the state. At Lancaster, the road crosses the Connecticut River, also the border with New Hampshire. US 2 in New Hampshire then continues to Bangor in Maine.

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The US 2 was created in 1926 and started in Alburgh at the time. In 1930 the route was extended a few miles west to just into upstate New York. US 2 was replaced between Burlington and Montpelier between 1960 and 1962 by the opening of I-89.

US 2 in Vermont

US 2 in Vermont
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