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According to wholevehicles, Suriname is a country located in the northern part of South America with an area of 163,820 square kilometers. It is bordered by Guyana to the west, French Guiana to the east and Brazil to the south. Suriname experiences a tropical climate with warm temperatures year round and heavy rainfall during the wet season. Suriname’s higher education system consists of seven public universities located in Paramaribo, Lelydorp, Nieuw Nickerie and other cities as well as several private universities. The public universities offer degree programs in a wide range of fields from engineering and medicine to business administration, technology and law. Most degree programs are taught in Dutch although some universities offer English-taught courses such as those offered by Anton de Kom University of Suriname (AdeKUS). There are also a number of foreign universities which have established campuses or joint-degree programs in Suriname such as Germany’s Freie Universität Berlin or France’s Université Grenoble Alpes. In addition to these institutions, there are also several private colleges offering vocational qualifications such as nursing diplomas or IT certificates. Check andyeducation for Suriname School and Education.


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According to COUNTRYAAH, Suriname is a State of South America (163,820 km²). Capital: Paramaribo. Administrative division: districts (10). Population: 563,402 (2017 estimate). Language: Dutch (official), sranan tongo, sarnami. Religion: Christians 48.83%, Hindus 22.3%, Muslims 13.9%,...