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According to wholevehicles, Sierra Leone is a coastal West African country located between Guinea and Liberia. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west and covers an estimated 71,740 km2. The population of Sierra Leone is estimated at around 7. 4 million people with English being the official language and Krio being the most widely spoken language. The majority of Sierra Leoneans are Muslim with around 70% of them identifying as such while Christianity is also practiced in the country. Higher education in Sierra Leone consists primarily of public universities and colleges that offer courses ranging from medicine to engineering to business management. The University of Sierra Leone (USL) is one of the oldest universities in Sierra Leone offering degrees in a variety of disciplines including science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), agriculture, business administration and social sciences. Other institutions include Njala University which focuses on research; Fourah Bay College which provides teacher training; as well as many other private schools offering vocational training programs such as hospitality management or automotive repair. Check andyeducation for Sierra Leone School and Education.

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According to COUNTRYAAH, the area of today’s “Sierra Leone” was colonized in the 15th century by the Portuguese who called it the “Lion Mountains” (Serra Lyoa). There are different explanations for the naming. The...