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According to EHUACOM.COM, the capital city of Oregon is Salem. It is the state’s third largest city with a population of 170,719 people. Located in the center of the state, Salem has something to offer for everyone. The downtown area is bustling with restaurants, bars, shops, museums, and galleries. There are several parks throughout the city such as Riverfront Park and Minto-Brown Island Park that offer plenty of outdoor activities for all ages. The Oregon State Capitol Building is also a popular attraction that draws visitors from all over the world. Salem hosts several annual events such as the Oregon State Fair which attracts thousands of visitors each year. The city also hosts a variety of sporting events including professional basketball games at Salem Armory Auditorium and baseball games at Volcanoes Stadium. There are many other activities available in Salem such as biking trails, golf courses, fishing spots, and more. With its diverse culture and endless entertainment options it’s no wonder why Salem has become one of Oregon’s most popular cities for family vacations or weekend getaways! According to toppharmacyschools.org, Oregon is home to many respected graduate schools offering a broad array of programs and degrees. Portland State University located in Portland provides graduate level programs in fields such as engineering, business administration, education, public health, nursing, and more. The University of Oregon located in Eugene offers master’s and doctoral degrees in disciplines like law, medicine, nursing and other disciplines. Additionally Oregon has several private institutions such as the George Fox University which offers several master’s degrees in fields like accounting and healthcare administration. Additionally there are several specialized graduate schools located throughout the state offering unique degree programs such as the Pacific Northwest College of Art which offers a Master of Arts degree or the Oregon Health & Science University which provides a Doctorate of Physical Therapy program. With so many options available for those looking to pursue higher education in Oregon it is no wonder why it is an increasingly popular destination for graduate studies. Oregon also boasts a number of renowned research universities including the University of Oregon and Portland State University which provide opportunities for advanced research in various fields. With its wealth of educational resources and commitment to providing quality educational experiences to students, Oregon is an excellent choice for those seeking graduate school opportunities.

State Route 217 in Oregon

State Route 126 and 217 in Oregon

State Route 126 in Oregon SR-126 Get started Florence End Prineville Length 205 mi Length 329 km Route FlorenceVenice Eugene freeway → Medford / Portland Pioneer Parkway Mohawk Boulevard 42nd Street Prineville State Route...