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According to wholevehicles, the Netherlands is a small country located in the western part of Europe, bordered by Belgium to the south and Germany to the east. The country covers an area of 41,543 square kilometers and is home to an estimated population of 17. 1 million people. The geography of the Netherlands is characterized by its low elevation, which averages only 11 meters above sea level, with much of the land reclaimed from bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and canals. The landscape consists mostly of flat plains dotted with villages and towns while rivers such as the Rhine, Maas and Lek flow through them. The official language spoken in the Netherlands is Dutch however English is also widely used as a second language. Education in the Netherlands follows a 3+2+4 system which consists of three years of primary school followed by two years of secondary school from grades 5-6 and four years of higher secondary school from grades 7-10. After completing grade 10 students can pursue higher education at universities or colleges which offer various degree programs such as bachelor’s degrees master’s degrees doctoral degrees etc. , or specialized courses such as computer science engineering medicine law etc.. Additionally there are vocational training centers which provide practical skills for students interested in working in specific fields such as carpentry plumbing mechanics etc.. The government provides financial support for students pursuing higher education through grants, scholarships, loans and tax incentives while non-formal educational opportunities are available aimed at providing citizens with skills necessary to succeed both domestically and abroad such as entrepreneurship training programs or computer literacy courses. Additionally there are numerous extracurricular activities offered by most universities such as sports clubs student societies or volunteer activities that provide an opportunity for students to engage with their peers while developing their skills outside of the classroom setting. Check educationvv for Netherlands Education and Training.


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Geographical location According to COUNTRYAAH, the Netherlands is a country in northern Western Europe. The parliamentary monarchy is bounded in the north and west by the North Sea, in the south by Belgium and...