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According to wholevehicles, Mongolia is a landlocked country located in East and Central Asia between Russia and China. It is the 18th largest country in the world with an area of 1,564,116 square kilometres. The population of Mongolia is estimated at 3. 2 million people and the capital city is Ulaanbaatar. The official language is Mongolian but Russian and English are widely spoken as well. Mongolia’s landscape consists mostly of steppe, semi-desert, desert and mountains. In the north, a large mountain range known as the Altai Mountains dominates the landscape while in the south there are several smaller mountain ranges including the Gobi Altai Range and Khangai Range. The Gobi Desert covers much of southern Mongolia while grasslands dominate its central region. Mongolia has a rich educational system that provides citizens with access to quality instruction from primary through tertiary level institutions. Primary education lasts for four years starting at age 6 or 7 culminating in a Certificate of Completion at age 10 or 11. Secondary school lasts for five years culminating in a diploma at age 15 or 16. Tertiary education includes universities and other higher educational institutions that offer degree programs such as bachelor’s degrees master’s degrees doctoral degrees etc. , which typically take three to five years to complete depending on the program chosen. There are two types of universities: public universities funded by the government; private universities run by private organizations or corporations which may offer courses in various fields such as business administration engineering law medicine etc. ; and vocational schools offering training in technical skills such as carpentry plumbing mechanics etc. , as well as language schools providing courses in English French German Russian Italian Spanish among others. The government provides free textbooks to primary school students while university students must pay tuition fees depending on their chosen program and institution. Additionally there are numerous grants available for students pursuing higher education as well as non-formal educational opportunities aimed at providing citizens with skills necessary to succeed both domestically and abroad. In recent years, Mongolia has made great strides towards improving its educational system by introducing new curricula based on international standards, increasing access to technology, investing in teacher training programs, strengthening collaboration between public schools and universities, encouraging research activities among faculty members, creating scholarships for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, promoting lifelong learning initiatives, providing more financial support for student clubs and associations; all these measures have helped make Mongolia’s education system one of the best performing systems in East Asia today contributing greatly to economic development within the country. Check educationvv for Mongolia Education and Training.


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Geographical location According to COUNTRYAAH, Mongolia is a country in Central Asia, the only neighboring countries are Russia in the north and the People’s Republic of China in the south. Mongolia has an area...