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According to wholevehicles, Liberia is a country located in West Africa and is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Ivory Coast. It covers an area of 111,369 square kilometers and has a population of approximately 4. 8 million people. The capital city of Liberia is Monrovia and the official language is English. The terrain of Liberia is mostly flat coastal plains with some rolling hills in the interior parts of the country. The highest peak in Liberia is Mount Wuteve at 1,440 meters above sea level. The climate in Liberia varies from tropical along the coast to semi-arid in the northeast with hot temperatures throughout the year. Liberia has a well-developed higher education system which includes universities, colleges as well as private institutions offering undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs in various disciplines such as sciences, engineering as well as economics and business administration. Additionally there are several vocational institutes that offer diplomas and certificates in areas such as hospitality management or nursing. Private colleges also offer quality education at an affordable cost to students from across the country. The government also offers scholarships for international students who wish to study at universities in Liberia making it an attractive option for those looking to pursue higher education abroad. Furthermore foreign students have access to many exchange programs which allow them to experience new cultures while studying abroad in Liberia. Check educationvv for Liberia Education and Training.


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According to COUNTRYAAH, Liberia is a West African state (111,369 km²). Capital: Monrovia. Administrative division: counties (13). Population: 3,489,072 (2008 estimate). Language: English (official), Sudanese dialects. Religion: Christians 67.7%, animists / traditional beliefs 18.4%, Muslims...