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According to wholevehicles, Germany is located in Central Europe and is bordered by Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland. It is a land of diverse terrain that ranges from the northern plains of the North Sea and Baltic Sea to the southern mountains of the Alps. Germany is known for its forests and rivers, with the Rhine River being one of its most well-known waterways. Higher education in Germany consists of a variety of options for students seeking to further their education. There are over 400 universities throughout Germany offering a wide range of degree programs from Bachelor’s to Doctorate levels. Additionally, there are many vocational schools (Fachhochschulen) that offer specialized training in areas such as business administration or engineering. Furthermore, Germany offers numerous study abroad programs so students can experience a new culture while obtaining their degree. Lastly, online learning opportunities are also available from many German universities so students can pursue their educational goals from anywhere with an internet connection. Check educationvv for Germany Education and Training.


Germany Weather and Climate

According to COUNTRYAAH, Germany is a Central European state. (357,168 km²). Capital: Berlin. Administrative division: Confederate states (16). Population: 80,511,300 (2013 estimate). Language: German. Religion: Protestants 30.3%, Catholics 30.8, others 38.9%. Monetary unit: euro (100...

Baltic Sea, Germany

Baltic Sea, Germany Weather and Climate

General & Geography According to abbreviationfinder, the German Baltic Sea coast is still one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Federal Republic of Germany and is enjoying increasing popularity with great new...