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According to wholevehicles, Georgia is located in the southeastern portion of the United States, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Appalachian Mountains. It is bordered by North Carolina and South Carolina to the south, Tennessee to the west, and Alabama to the southwest. The state has a diverse geography with both low-lying coastal areas and mountainous regions. Georgia is known as the “Peach State” due to its abundance of fruit orchards. Higher education in Georgia consists of many options for students looking for a college or university program. The University System of Georgia (USG) serves as a governing body for 31 public institutions across the state, including two research universities, four regional universities, thirteen state colleges, and twelve two-year colleges. Additionally, there are numerous private institutions that offer various degree programs across various disciplines such as business, engineering, humanities and sciences. Georgia also has several technical colleges that provide specialized training in fields such as automotive technology and healthcare technology. Lastly, online learning opportunities are available from many institutions throughout Georgia so students can pursue their educational goals from anywhere with an internet connection. Check educationvv for Georgia Education and Training.

Interstate 59 in Georgia

Interstate 575 and 59 in Georgia

Interstate 575 in Georgia I-575 Get started Marietta End Nelson Length 31 mi Length 50 km Route 1 → Atlanta3 Chastain Road 4 Bells Ferry Road 7 Woodstock 8 Woodstock 10 Ridge walk 11...


Georgia Weather and Climate

General & Geography The Eurasian state of Georgia is located on the border between Asia and Europe in Transcaucasia. According to COUNTRYAAH, the Black Sea borders to the east of Georgia and the Greater...