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According to wholevehicles, Eritrea is a small country located in the Horn of Africa. It has an area of approximately 117,600 square kilometers and is bordered by Sudan to the west, Ethiopia to the south, and Djibouti to the southeast. The terrain consists mostly of highlands, with some coastal plains in the north and central regions. The highest point in Eritrea is Mount Soira at 3,018 meters above sea level. Eritrea has a population of approximately 5 million people, and its capital city is Asmara. The official languages are Tigrinya, Arabic, and English. The dominant religions are Christianity and Islam. Higher education in Eritrea is provided by both public and private universities. The largest university in the country is Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT), which offers undergraduate programs in fields such as engineering, medicine and business administration as well as graduate programs in various disciplines. Additionally there are several private universities that provide higher education opportunities to students from around the world. These include University of Asmara (UA), which offers degrees in fields such as law, economics and accounting; International University for Science & Technology (IUST), which provides medical degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels; African International University (AIU), which offers a variety of degree programs ranging from business administration to psychology; and Institute for Development Studies (IDS), which provides specialized courses related to international development studies. The Ministry of Education is responsible for the accreditation of universities in Eritrea, ensuring that they meet quality standards set by the government. The ministry also offers scholarships to students with financial needs, allowing them to pursue higher education opportunities without incurring significant costs. Additionally, the ministry works with international organizations such as UNESCO to provide additional funding for higher education in Eritrea. Moreover, it works closely with local businesses to create internship opportunities for students so they can gain practical experience related to their field of study while still enrolled at university or college. Check educationvv for Eritrea Education and Training.


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According to COUNTRYAAH, Eritrea is an East African state (121,100 km²). Capital: Asmara. Population: 4,675,000 residents (2008 estimate). Language: Arabic and Tigrinya (official), Italian. Religion: Muslims 69.3%, Coptic Orthodox 30.7%. Monetary unit: nakfa (100 cents)....