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According to wholevehicles, El Salvador is a small Central American country located between Guatemala and Honduras. It has an area of 21,041 square kilometers and is divided into 14 departments. The country has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 28°C throughout the year. The terrain is mostly mountainous with the highest point in El Salvador being Cerro El Pital at 2,730 meters above sea level. Higher education in El Salvador is provided by several public and private universities. The largest university in the country is Universidad de El Salvador (UES), which offers undergraduate programs in fields such as business administration, engineering, medicine and law as well as graduate programs in various disciplines. Additionally there are several private universities that provide higher education opportunities to students from around the world. These include Universidad Centroamericana José Simeon Cañas (UCA), which offers degrees in fields suc as business administration, engineering and law; Universidad Dr. José Matías Delgado (UJMD), which provides medical degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels; Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador (UTEC), which offers a variety of degree programs ranging from business administration to psychology; and Universidad Don Bosco (UDB), which provides specialized courses related to tourism management and hospitality studies. The Ministry of Education is responsible for the accreditation of universities in El Salvador, ensuring that they meet quality standards set by the government. The ministry also offers scholarships to students with financial needs, allowing them to pursue higher education opportunities without incurring significant costs. Additionally, the ministry works with international organizations such as the World Bank and USAID to provide additional funding for higher education in El Salvador. Check educationvv for El Salvador Education and Training.

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According to COUNTRYAAH, El Salvador is a State of Central America (21,040 km²). Capital: San Salvador. Administrative division: departments (14). Population: 5,825,000 (2008 estimate). Language: Spanish (official), Amerindians speak Nahua and Maya. Religion: Catholics 78.3%,...