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According to wholevehicles, Dominica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea, between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. It has an area of 750 square kilometers, making it one of the smallest countries in the world. The landscape is composed of towering mountains, thick rainforest, and numerous rivers and waterfalls. The highest point on the island is Morne Diablotins, which stands at 1,447 meters above sea level. Higher education in Dominica is provided by both public and private institutions. There are two public universities in the country: University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) and Dominica State College (DSC). UCC offers undergraduate programs in fields such as business administration, law, engineering, medicine and education while DSC specializes in science-related courses such as engineering and computer science. Additionally there are several private universities that provide higher education opportunities to students from around the world. These include Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM), which offers undergraduate degrees in medicine as well as graduate programs in medical sciences; All Saints University School of Medicine (ASU), which provides medical degrees at both undergraduate and graduate levels; and International American University (IAU), which offers a variety of degree programs ranging from business administration to healthcare management. Check andyeducation for Dominica School and Education.


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Geographical location According to COUNTRYAAH, Dominica is an island state that belongs to the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean. It borders on Guadeloupe in the north and Martinique in the south. The total...