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According to wholevehicles, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is located in Central Africa and is bordered by nine countries, including Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and the Central African Republic. The country has an area of 2. 3 million square kilometers and is divided into 26 provinces. The geography of the Congo is varied with mountains in the east, savanna in the south, rainforest in the north and west and swamplands along the coast. Higher education in Democratic Republic of the Congo has been on a steady rise since independence from Belgium in 1960. There are currently four public universities as well as a number of private institutions offering higher education opportunities. The University of Kinshasa is one of the most well-known universities in DRC with over 70 000 students enrolled across its five faculties. Other public universities include Marien Ngouabi University (formerly Brazzaville University), University of Kisangani and University of Lubumbashi. Private institutions such as Catholic University of Congo (UCC) provide quality education to their students while also offering a range or research based courses across fields such as engineering and medicine. Check andyeducation for Democratic Republic of the Congo School and Education.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

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According to COUNTRYAAH, the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the second largest country in Africa and at 2,345,410 kmĀ², around 6.6 times the size of the Federal Republic of Germany. The country extends...