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According to wholevehicles, the Central African Republic (CAR) is a landlocked country located in Central Africa bordered by Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo and Cameroon. The CAR covers an area of 622,984 square kilometers with a population of approximately 4. 7 million people. The geography of the CAR consists mainly of savanna grasslands and dense rainforest in the south while the north is dominated by mountains and plateaus. CAR’s climate is tropical with two distinct seasons – rainy from April to October and dry from November to March. During the rainy season temperatures are hot and humid while during the dry season temperatures are milder with little rainfall. The official language spoken in CAR is French although there are over 120 local languages spoken throughout the country as well. The majority of CAR’s population practices Christianity although there are also small populations of Muslims and those who practice traditional African religions. Education in CAR is provided by both public and private institutions at all levels – elementary, secondary, post-secondary (universities/colleges), vocational training centers, technical schools, and language schools. Primary education (ages 6-12) is compulsory for all children while secondary education (ages 13-18) is only mandatory for those aged 16-18 years old; however attendance rates remain low due to poverty levels among families as well as limited access to educational facilities in rural areas. Overall literacy rates remain low at around 36% due to a lack of government funding for education as well as gender disparities when it comes to educational opportunities for girls versus boys; however this has begun to improve in recent years due to increased investment in educational infrastructure and initiatives such as scholarships for girls which have helped increase school enrollment among young women across CAR. Post-secondary education in CAR consists mainly of universities/colleges which offer programs ranging from engineering and medicine to business administration and social sciences; however due to limited resources available most students opt for technical or vocational training programs instead which provide them with specialized skills that can help them find employment upon graduation from these institutions. Check andyeducation for Central African Republic School and Education.

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According to COUNTRYAAH, Central African Republic is a Central West African state (622,436 km²). Capital: Bangui. Administrative division: prefectures (17). Population: 4,226,000 residents (2008 estimate). Language: French (official), Sudanese dialects, Sango. Religion: Catholics 20%, Animists...