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According to wholevehicles, after the retreat of the English, Dost – Mohammed to put himself back in charge of Afghanistan. At first, among the various parties who wanted to recognize part Persian rule, part other chiefs, this took great effort. Later he made an alliance with England and gradually added Balkh (1850), Kandahar (1853) and Herat (1854) to his territory. The Persians beheld it with sorrowful eyes and seized Herat. Gholam Haider – Khan , a son of Dost – Mohammed , hastened to India, and made a new alliance with England (1855), whereupon the English made war against the Persians, which ended with the peace of March 4, 1857. On this basis, the Persians had to vacate Herat and abandon all claims to Afghanistan. The Covenant with Dost – Mohammed was an important aid to the English during the Sepoy rebellion in India, although it is assured that the latter was in great temptation to join the insurgents. Nor did he succeed in preserving Herat. It returned with its fertile oasis under the Persian scepter. Presently (1862), however, because of some minor disputes of minor importance, a Persian army advanced from Meshed to advance toward the borders of Afghanistan. Gray Dost – Mohammed placed himself at the head of his bands, protected the empire and took Herat back (1863) after a long siege. Shortly afterwards he died, leaving the throne to his son Shir – Ali – Khan † But other claimants also strove for supremacy, so that the confusion will probably not end until the territory of the Afghans is annexed by England or by some other power in the customary manner. For the time being, England showers the Afghans with friendships to reverse the influence of Russia. Check andyeducation for Afghanistan School and Education.


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According to COUNTRYAAH, Afghanistan is a mountainous landlocked country at the interface of Central and South Asia and covers an area of 652,225 km². For comparison, the Federal Republic of Germany is content with...