State Route 24 in Rhode Island


Get started Portsmouth
End Fall River
Length 7 mi
Length 12 km

Main Road

Fish Road


State Route 24 is a state route and freeway in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. The highway runs from Portsmouth to the Massachusetts border in the far east of the state. The highway is 12 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

At Portsmouth, State Route 24 begins at State Route 114 and runs 2×2 lanes through Portsmouth. This part runs across Rhode Island. A short bridge leads to the mainland, this part of Rhode Island is not connected to the rest of the state by land. The highway then runs through forest land to the Massachusetts border at Fall River. On the Massachusetts side, Massachusetts State Route 24 continues through Fall River toward Boston.

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In 1907, the Stone Bridge connecting the island of Rhode Island to Fall River opened. It was replaced in 1958 by the Sakonnet River Bridge, which had 2×2 lanes. The highway from the bridge to the Massachusetts border was opened in 1966. Between 2009 and 2012, the Sakonnet River Bridge was replaced by a new bridge.


A toll of $0.10 was imposed on the new Sakonnet River Bridge as of August 19, 2013. There was much opposition to this, and the toll was removed on June 20, 2014.

Traffic intensities

State Route 24 data is not known.

State Route 24 in Rhode Island

State Route 24 in Rhode Island
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