State Route 136, 150, 156, 159 and 170 in Wyoming

State Route 136 in Wyoming

SH 136
Get started Riverton
End Gas Hills
Length 43 mi
Length 69 km

State Route 136, also known as WYO 136 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road forms an east-west route in the center of the state, from Riverton east into the Gas Hills Mining District. WYO 136 is 69 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

WYO 136 begins just south of the town of Riverton on WYO 789 and heads east, joining WYO 135 shortly after. WYO 136 heads east through uninhabited land. In the barren and desolate environment are several mining installations and oil and gas fields. The road is tarred to its terminus where it ends in a mining area at county road 5.

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The road is of no importance to through traffic, but opens up the mining areas in the Gas Hills. Ore has been mined here since 1955. Uranium has also been mined in the area.

Traffic intensities

About 200 vehicles use the road every day.

State Route 150 in Wyoming

SH 150
Get started Utah state line
End Evanston
Length 23 mi
Length 37 km

State Route 150, also known as WYO 150 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road forms a north-south route in the extreme southwest of the state, from the Utah state border to the city of Evanston. WYO 150 is 37 kilometers long.

Travel directions

WYO 150 begins on the Utah state border. Utah State Route 150 heads south through the Uinta Mountains to Park City. The road leads in a northerly direction through a river valley with few major differences in height. There are no places on the route to terminus Evanston, a small town in southwestern Wyoming. There is a connection to Interstate 80 and WYO 89 is an extension.


WYO 150 and SR-150 in Utah are primarily of tourist interest as opening up the Uinta Mountains. I-80 is a much more direct route between Evanston and Park City. The section through Utah is not kept open in the winter. The section in Wyoming is usually not closed in the winter, but other than a few ranches, no destinations along the road can be reached.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 600 to 1,500 vehicles use the road outside of Evanston, peaking at 15,000 at the junction with I-80 in Evanston.


State Route 156 in Wyoming

SH 156
Get started Lingle
End Torrington
Length 14 mi
Length 23 km

State Route 156, also known as WYO 156 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road forms a short route between Lingle and Torrington in the southeastern part of the state and is 14 miles long.

Travel directions

WYO 156 runs through the farming area in the North Platte River valley. The direct route between Lingle and Torrington is US 26 / US 85, WYO 156 follows an alternate route south of the river and opens up agricultural areas. There are no other places on the route.


The road is primarily of local importance to local traffic in the agricultural area along the North Platte River. Through traffic mostly uses US 26/85.

Traffic intensities

Every day 100 to 400 vehicles use the road.

State Route 159 in Wyoming

SH 159
Get started Torrington
End CR 47
Length 13 mi
Length 21 km
TorringtonCR 47

State Route 159, also known as WYO 159 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road forms a north-south route from Torrington and is 13 miles long.

Travel directions

WYO 159 begins in the town of Torrington, one of the larger towns in southeastern Wyoming. It crosses US 26 and US 85. The road heads north from Torrington across the steppe, an area of ​​sporadic circular irrigation and ranching. The road ends 13 miles north of Torrington in an uninhabited area.


WYO 159 has little significance for traffic within Wyoming, it opens up some ranches to the town of Torrington, but handles no through traffic.

Traffic intensities

Every day 400 vehicles drive close to Torrington.

State Route 170 in Wyoming

SH 170
Get started Owl Creek
End WYO 120
Length 15 mi
Length 25 km
Owl Creek

State Route 170, also known as WYO 170 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. Connecting remote Owl Creek to the rest of the state’s road network, the road is 16 miles long.

Travel directions

WYO 170 begins near Owl Creek where several dirt roads merge into tarmac WYO 170. Owl Creek is a mining area at the base of the Absaroka Range. The road heads east through an agricultural valley then ends at WYO 120 northwest of Thermopolis.


Oil and gas is extracted around Owl Creek. Owl Creek itself is little more than a hamlet with a few inhabitants. WYO 170 connects the area to Wyoming’s thoroughfares.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 100 to 200 vehicles use WYO 170.

State Route 172 in Wyoming

SH 172
Get started Lucerne
End CR 6
Length 11 mi
Length 18 km
LucerneCR 6

State Route 172, also known as WYO 172 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road heads east from US 20 in the hamlet of Lucerne. The state highway ends at county road 6 after 11 miles, but the road itself continues east to oil and gas facilities in remote areas. 150 vehicles use the road every day.

State Route 191 in Wyoming

SH 191
Begin Mayoworth
End Kaycee
Length 12 mi
Length 19 km

State Route 191, also known as WYO 191 is a state route in the U.S. state of Wyoming. The road connects some ranches around the hamlet of Mayoworth with the village of Kaycee, near Interstate 25. The asphalted road is 19 kilometers long. 150 vehicles use WYO 191 daily.

State Route 159 in Wyoming

State Route 136, 150, 156, 159 and 170 in Wyoming
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