South Sudan Weather and Climate

The tropical and humid climate in South Sudan is characterized by high temperatures and summer rains. The winter in the south is hot. The daytime temperatures reach an average of 36 ° C during the day and around 20 ° C at night. In the rainy season from April to October, 700-1,500 mm of rain falls here. The average temperatures during this time are 30 – 33 ° C with nightly values ​​of 21 – 23 ° C. In the rainy season it is very humid (humidity of 70 – 80%) and difficult to bear for Europeans.

Best time to travel to South Sudan

The best travel time depends on the region of South Sudan that you want to visit.

In the south the dry season is shorter, it only lasts from December to February. This is also the time to be hereto travel should.

In the north of South Sudan, the dry season lasts longer, from November to April.

In the rainy season it is hot and humid and many roads are no longer passable. In addition, mosquitoes swarm around and bite you in the wet months.


South Sudan Weather and Climate
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