Kyrgyzstan Weather and Climate

In Kyrgyzstan there is an extremely continental and largely dry climate with freezing cold winters and dry, hot summers.

In the south of the country, temperatures of 45 ° C are measured in summer, while in winter in the north the thermometer can drop to -18 ° C. The temperature differences between day and night and between summer and winter are considerable. At lower altitudes, the mean temperatures in July are between 20 and 27 ° C and in January between -2 and -8 ° C.

In the high mountain areas, on the other hand, it is 10 to 12 ° C in July and -20 to -27 ° C in January. The climate here is sub- polar.

Balanced climatic conditions can be found around Lake Issyk-Kul. The lake, which is fed by hot springs, ensures a mild and moderate climate in its surroundings and does not freeze over even in the cold winter temperatures.

It rains most often in early and late summer. With an average rainfall of 200 to 300 mm per year, most parts of the country are very dry. The amount of rain is distributed very differently from region to region. On the west bank of Lake Issyk-Kul it is only 100 mm, 250-400 mm in the central valleys and basins, 300 mm on the high plateaus of the Tian Shan and up to 1,000 mm on the western and northern mountain slopes of the high mountain ranges. The harsh winter months bring a lot of snow and ice in the higher elevations.

Best travel time for Kyrgyzstan

Spring and autumn are best for visiting the lower elevations of Kyrgyzstan. The months of April and May ensure a blooming season across the country. In September and October, however, is harvest time, during which the markets are filled with fresh fruit and vegetables and the forests are colored in autumn. At both times the temperatures are pleasant in contrast to the hot summers and cold winters.

The months of July and August are best suited for hiking and trekking tours in the high mountains. The average temperatures are then around 20 to 25 ° C and even above 3,000 m, mostly up to 15 ° C.

in the winter snowfalls make many mountain regions inaccessible. Then it is bitterly cold in the lowlands. However, if you go to the want to go to Kyrgyzstan skiing, you should come during the long and snowy ski season from December to April.


Kyrgyzstan Weather and Climate
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