Interstate 95 in New Hampshire


Begin Seabrook
End Portsmouth
Length 16 mi
Length 26 km
Massachusetts1 Seabrook

2 → Manchester

4 South Portsmouth

5 Portsmouth

6 Portsmouth


Interstate 95 or I -95 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. The stretch in the state is very short, only 16 miles, going a few miles inland from the coast. The route has been developed relatively broadly with 2×4 lanes over almost the entire length, despite the fact that the landscape is not urban. the track in New Hampshire is 16 miles long. The route in New Hampshire is a toll road.

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Travel directions

At Seabrook, Interstate 95 in Massachusetts turns into New Hampshire, where you drive a short distance from a unique tidal delta. One passes Hampton Beach, the only sandy Atlantic coast in the state. At Hampton, one crosses State Route 101, the highway between Hampton and Manchester, the largest city in the state. There is also a large toll station here. A little further you pass the city of Portsmouth, immediately the largest and last city before the border with Maine. Here US 4 runs north, a highway to Rochester. Via a bridge one crosses the Piscataqua River, also the border with the state of Maine, the last state on Interstate 95. This bridge has 2×3 lanes. TheInterstate 95 in Maine then continues to Portland.

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As early as the 1930s, plans were being made for a bypass of New Hampshire’s coastal communities. US 1 started to become congested, especially in the summer. In the mid-1940s, plans emerged for a turnpike modeled on the Maine Turnpike, which opened in 1947. Also in 1947, the New Hampshire Turnpike was approved and construction began in 1948. The turnpike opened on June 24, 1950, and ran for 14 miles from the Massachusetts border to a roundabout in Portsmouth, just before the Maine border. It was New Hampshire’s first highway. From 1957, the road was numbered as I-95. It was not until 1972 that the link between US 1 in Portsmouth and the Maine Turnpike was completedopened, creating a through highway through New Hampshire. During the 1970s, traffic around this urbanized corridor increased dramatically and in 1971 it was recommended to widen the highway to 2×4 lanes. In November 1972, the new six-lane bridge on the Maine border opened, and in 1973 work began on widening the turnpike south of Portsmouth. In 1976, the widened turnpike with 2×4 lanes opened.

Toll road

The highway is also called Blue Star Turnpike or New Hampshire Turnpike. The road has only one toll station, near Hampton. Users of the E-ZPass receive a discount. The highway opened with 2×2 lanes in 1950, and was widened to 2×4 lanes in 1976.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 84,000 vehicles drive near the Massachusetts border and 98,000 vehicles drive between SR-101 and Portsmouth. This drops to 75,000 vehicles in Portsmouth and 69,000 vehicles on the Maine border.

Interstate 95 in New Hampshire

Interstate 95 in New Hampshire
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