Interstate 569 and 69 in Kentucky

Interstate 569 in Kentucky

Get started Nortonville
End Beaver Dam
Length 39 mi
Length 63 km
38 Pennyrile Parkway48 Graham

53 Greenville

58 Central City

75 Beaver Dam

77 Natcher Parkway

Interstate 569 or I -569 is a future Interstate Highway in the United States, located in the state of Kentucky. I-569 forms part of the existing Western Kentucky Parkway between Nortonville and Beaver Dam and is 39 miles long.

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Travel directions

I-569 occupies the Western Kentucky Parkway between the interchange with the Pennyrile Parkway and the Natcher Parkway, located in a rural area of ​​hills and forests. There are no larger towns on this part of the route.


I-569 was constructed as part of the Western Kentucky Parkway, a 220-mile toll road from I-24 in Eddyville to I-65 in Elizabethtown. The highway was opened in December 1963. This was a toll road until 1987, the toll collection was discontinued after the original construction costs had been recovered.

The western portion of the Western Kentucky Parkway became part of future Interstate 69 in 2006. It was then planned that the section further east from the Pennyrile Parkway to the Natcher Parkway would also become an I-69 spur. This was originally planned to be numbered I-369, but in December 2019, it was renumbered I-569 in a collective bill for financing public expenditure. On December 20, 2019, this law was signed by President Trump.

In order to definitively assign the number I-569, the highway must be adapted to Interstate Highway design requirements.

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Traffic intensities

Approximately 13,000 vehicles use I-569 every day.

Interstate 69 in Kentucky

Get started Henderson
End Fulton
Length 157 mi
Length 253 km

  • 1 Fulton
  • 2 Fulton
  • 14 Wingo
  • 21 Mayfield
  • 22 Mayfield
  • 24 Mayfield
  • 25 Mayfield
  • 27 State Route 131
  • 41 Benton
  • 43 Benton
  • 47 Draffenville
  • 52 → Paducah
  • 27 Calvert City
  • Tennessee River
  • 31 Grand Rivers
  • Cumberland River
  • 40 Eddyville
  • 42 → Nashville
  • 4 Eddyville
  • 12 Princeton
  • 13 Princeton
  • 24 Dawson Springs
  • 38 Pennyrile Parkway
  • 37 Morton’s Gap
  • 40 Earlington
  • 42 Madisonville
  • 44 North Madisonville
  • 45
  • 49 Hanson
  • 54 Slaughterers
  • 63 Sebree
  • 68 Robards
  • 76 Henderson Bypass
  • 77 Audubon Parkway
  • 78

Interstate 69 or I -69 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The highway crosses several parkways in western Kentucky, from Fulton on the Tennessee border through Mayfield, Princeton and Madisonville to the Indiana border at Henderson. The highway is 253 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-69 near Eddyville.

At Fulton, Interstate 69 in Tennessee crosses the state line, whereupon I-69 crosses the Purchase Parkway, a 2×2 lane highway that heads northeast through fairly flat western Kentucky. The highway goes around Fulton and past the town of Mayfield. I-69 then curves slightly north to reach Interstate 24 at Calvert City. I-24 and I-69 are then double-numbered and lead past two dams, the Kentucky Dam and the Barkley Dam. Shortly after each other, the Tennessee River and Cumberland River cross here. At Eddyville, I-24 and I-69 split.

I-69 then crosses the Western Kentucky Parkway, a 2×2 lane highway through undulating land with quite a bit of forest. South of Madisonville, traffic turns north and becomes Pennyrile Parkway. The highway goes past Madisonville and then enters a more open area, with lots of pastures. The highway ends near Henderson. US 41 then forms the through connection to Evansville, via the Bi-State Vietnam Gold Star Bridges over the Ohio River. After that, Interstate 69 in Indiana continues past Evansville and to Indianapolis.


The Western Kentucky Parkway opened as a toll road in 1963, with a seven-mile extension from Princeton to Eddyville in 1968. The parkway became toll-free in 1987. In 1966, the Purchase Parkway opened in the southwest of the state, becoming toll-free in 1992. In 1969, the Pennyrile Parkway opened as a toll road between Henderson and Hopkinsville. The highway became toll-free in 1992. Interstate 24 is younger, opening to traffic in 1980.


I-69 will follow the existing highways mentioned above in the future, it is not expected that large-scale new construction will take place in Kentucky. The most significant change is likely to be a new route between Evansville and Henderson, including a bridge over the Ohio River. This new route is 21 kilometers long and will cost $1 billion and will likely be financed by tolls. On October 25, 2011, the first I-69 signs were posted on the Western Kentucky Parkway. In 2015, the first signposts with I-69 were placed on the Pennyrile Parkway up to Henderson, and in 2015 the Purchase Parkway was also upgraded to I-69. On November 16, 2015, it became part of the Pennyrile Parkwaybetween Western Kentucky Parkway and KY-425 at Henderson formally numbered I-69.

To accommodate the route of I-69, the cloverleaf between the Pennyrile Parkway and the Western Kentucky Parkway at Nortonville has been reconstructed with a bypass so that through traffic no longer has to turn through a clover loop. The reconstruction was carried out approximately 2015-2016.

On December 21, 2021, the first contract was awarded for the construction of I-69 over the Ohio River, initially a Henderson bypass, following the existing bypass to the south and then a new route to US 60. Preparatory work started in February 2022. This part is to be opened by mid-2025.

Traffic intensities

6,000 vehicles drive daily at Fulton, rising to 16,000 vehicles at I-24. The stretch from I-24 to Morton Gap has about 10,000 vehicles per day and the north-south section further to Henderson has 12,000 to 18,000 vehicles per day.

Interstate 69 in Kentucky

Interstate 569 and 69 in Kentucky
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