Interstate 565, 685 and 759 in Alabama

Alabama’s Interstate 565

Get started Decatur
End Huntsville
Length 22 mi
Length 35 km
1 → Birmingham / Nashville2 Mooresville

3 County Road 115

7 Highway 20

8 Huntsville International Airport

9 Sullivan Street

14 → Huntsville Bypass

15 University of Alabama

17 Patton Road

19 → Fayetteville / Gadsden

19C Downtown Huntsville

20 Oakwood Avenue


Interstate 565 or I -565 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Alabama. The highway is located in the north of the state, connecting the larger city of Huntsville with Interstate 65. The route is 35 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

Interstate 565 at Downtown Huntsville.

I-565 at Huntsville.

Just after the Tennessee River, I-565 turns off Interstate 65 via a cloverleaf cloverleaf at Decatur. With 2×2 lanes, the road heads northeast. US 72 runs parallel or double-numbered to the road. It passes by the Huntsville International Airport and the road has 2×3 lanes from there. One then arrives at the town of Huntsville, one of the larger cities in Alabama. Here the road even has 2×4 lanes. One then crosses US 231, a grade-separated highway through the city. On the north side of town, the highway then becomes US 72, which continues on to Chattanooga.

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At the time the Interstate Highway system was established in the 1950s, Decatur was the largest city in northern Alabama, and it made sense for I-65 to pass through this place. Huntsville grew strongly in the 1960s, thanks to the presence of an aerospace center. By the late 1960s, Huntsville was already twice the size of Decatur, and it was clear that a connecting highway to I-65 was needed. Construction began in 1987, and the highway opened to traffic on October 26, 1991. By the time construction began, Huntsville was the largest city in the United States not connected to the Interstate Highway system. There are plans to continue converting portions of US 72 east of the city to I-565. This US 72 is already multi-lane.

Traffic intensities

I-565 at Huntsville.

Some 51,000 vehicles drive daily off I-65, rising to 105,000 in the city of Huntsville.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes
Exit 0 (I-65) Exit 5 2×2
Exit 5 Exit 19 2×3
Exit 19 Exit 20 2×2

Alabama’s Interstate 685

Get started Montgomery
End Montgomery
Length 14 mi
Length 23 km
→ Mobile / Birmingham1 Downtown Montgomery

2 Jackson Hospital

3 Ann Street

4 Perry Hill Road

6 Eastern Boulevard

9 Taylor Road

11 Ryan Road

15 → Mobile / Atlanta

Interstate 685 or I -685 is a future Interstate Highway in the US state of Alabama. The highway currently exists as Interstate 85 through the state capital Montgomery, but will be renumbered to I-685 when the southern beltway from Montgomery is complete. The I-685 is then 23 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-685 begins near Downtown Montgomery at an interchange with Interstate 65, the north-south route from Birmingham to Mobile on the Gulf of Mexico. I-685 runs along the south side of downtown with 2×3 lanes, first deepened, later elevated. A short section with 2×4 lanes follows on the east side of the center, after which the highway runs through the eastern neighborhoods with 2×3 lanes. In the east of Montgomery you cross US 80 and US 231. In the eastern suburbs of Montgomery, it interchanges with I-85, and Interstate 85 continues to Atlanta.


The highway was opened around 1965-1966. Around 2000, the highway in eastern Montgomery was widened to 2×3 lanes.


The number I-685 is assigned when the Montgomery Outer Loop is completed. I-85 will then be routed over the new beltway south of Montgomery, eliminating the need for traffic from Mobile to Atlanta to cross the city. The existing I-85 will then be renumbered as I-685. It is not yet known when this will happen.

Alabama’s Interstate 759

Get started I-59
End Gadsden
Length 4 mi
Length 7 km
→ Birmingham / Chattanooga2 Black Creek Parkway

4 Gadsden

Interstate 759 or I -759 is a short Interstate Highway in the US state of Alabama. The 7-kilometer highway spurts from I-59 to the small town of Gadsden.

Travel directions

I-759 at Gadsden.

I-759 connects the small town of Gadsden with Interstate 59. I-759 begins at an interchange with I-59 prepared for a westward extension. I-759 then has 2×2 lanes and runs east, parallel to US 278 and US 431. I-759 ends at a parclo with US 411, State Route 759 then continues with a bridge over the Coosa River to the east side of Gadsden.


I-759 has the same function as I-359, which is to connect a regional city to the Interstate Highway system, in this case the eastern city of Gadsden. The highway opened to traffic on October 22, 1986. The bridge over the Coosa River opened in 2004 and is a continuation of I-759 numbered State Route 759. There have been plans to extend I-759 further east, initially to US 278 east of Gadsden. There have also been plans for a westbound extension to US 11 in Attalla, the interchange with I-59 has already been prepared for this.

Traffic intensities

Some 20,000 to 27,000 vehicles use the highway in Gadsden every day.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes
Exit 0 (I-59) Exit 4 2×2

Alabama's Interstate 759

Interstate 565, 685 and 759 in Alabama
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