Interstate 24 and 355 in Illinois

Interstate 24 at Illinois

Get started Goreville
End Metropolis
Length 39 mi
Length 62 km

Interstate 24 or I -24 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Illinois. Located in the deep south of the state, the highway is quite remote, as the nearest major cities are hundreds of miles away. The highway begins in Goreville at Interstate 57, and runs all the way to Metropolis on the Ohio River, also the border with Kentucky. The highway is 62 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

The starting point of I-24 at Goreville.

At Goreville, I-24 branches off from Interstate 57, the highway to Chicago. The highway runs south, which doesn’t quite match the road numbering. You pass through slightly hilly area, with meadows and forests. At the village of Vienna, one crosses US 45, which runs from Paducah to Harrisburg, more or less parallel to I-24. Near the town of Metropolis, I-24 crosses the wide Ohio River, which is about 1,200 meters wide. The river also marks the border with Kentucky, where Interstate 24 in Kentucky continues to Paducah and Nashville.

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I-24 is a somewhat different route within the Interstate Highway system, but it had been planned since its creation in 1956. For example, the route was supposed to connect the Atlanta and St. Louis metropolitan areas. The highway was built a little later than the connecting I-57 in southern Illinois. The Paducah Bridge over the Ohio River at Metropolis was one of the first sections of the highway to open in 1973. The highway was completed in 1977.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes Comments
exit 0 exit 37 2×2


Congestion is rare on I-24 and usually the result of an accident or roadworks.

Connections & traffic intensities

# destination AADT
0 Memphis, Chicago 16,500
7 Tunnel Hill, Goreville 16,500
14 Vienna, Harrisburg 15,000
16 Vienna, Golconda 16.100
27 New Columbia, Big Bay 16,400
37 Metropolis, Brookport 28,100

Interstate 355 at Illinois

Get started Addison
End New Lenox
Length 32 mi
Length 52 km
0 → Joliet / Gary1 New Lenox

4 Lockport

7 Homer Glen

8 Lemont

12 → Chicago / St. Louis

13 Bolingbrook

15 Woodridge

18 Lisle

19 Downers Grove

20 → Chicago / Moline

22 Butterfield

24 Wheaton

27 Lombard

29 Addison

31 Bloomingdale

→ Rockford / Chicago

Interstate 355 or I -355 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Illinois. The highway forms Chicago ‘s southwest bypass and runs through suburban suburbs from I-80 at New Lenox to I-290 at Bloomingdale. I-355 is 32 miles long, a toll road and is called the Veterans Memorial Tollway.

Travel directions

I-355 to the ‘West Suburbs’.

I-355 begins at an interchange with Interstate 80 at New Lenox, just east of the town of Joliet. The highway leads in a northerly direction and has 2×3 lanes. Initially, the suburbanization around I-355 is not yet very dense. The highway crosses the industrial canal zone and then interchanges with Interstate 55 at Bolingbrook. To the north of this, the motorway leads through continuously built-up areas. At the important suburb of Downers Grove, I-355 briefly runs alongside Interstate 88. Near the Bloomingdale suburb, I-355 then terminates at an interchange with Interstate 290, which extends from this point to the bypass to the northwestern suburbs of Chicago.


The northernmost 2 miles of I-355 was constructed between 1963 and 1970 as part of what is largely Interstate 290 through I-90. For a long time, the highway was no more than a short branch line that started at Army Trail Road.

In the 1980s, political pressure for a north-south route in Chicago’s southwestern suburbs intensified. This was originally planned as the DuPage Tollway. This section was constructed between 1986 and 1989 from I-55 in Bolingbrook to Army Trail Road. This 28-kilometre stretch was inaugurated on December 22, 1989 and opened to traffic on December 24, 1989. At the time, a large part of the toll road was constructed with 2×2 lanes. In 1995 parts were already widened to 2×3 lanes.

Subsequently, the southern portion of I-355 was constructed, a 20-kilometer stretch from I-80 east of Joliet to I-55 at Bolingbrook. This part was opened on November 11, 2007. This part of the toll road has been constructed directly with 2×3 lanes. However, the traffic on the southern part is less, because the suburban growth of the entire Chicago metropolitan area came to a halt, while I-355 opened up the area where the most growth was expected. Even today, the area around the southern portion of I-355 is not yet fully urbanized.

Opening history

from nasty length date
Exit 29 Army Trail Road Exit 31 3 km 00-00-1970
exit 12 Exit 29 Army Trail Road 28 km 22-12-1989
exit 0 exit 12 20 km 11-11-2007


The Veterans Memorial Tollway is a toll road, operated by the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority. The toll is fully electronic with the I-Pass. The E-ZPass is also accepted. It is one of the few Interstate Highways that is a toll road for its entire length.

In the period 1993-1994, the I-Pass was introduced as an electronic payment method on Interstate 355. It was the first toll road in Illinois where the I-Pass was introduced. In 1999, I-355 became Illinois’ first toll road to introduce I-Pass Express Lanes, the first form of open road tolling (ORT). In 2012, tolls nearly doubled from 2011. I-355 is Illinois’ most expensive toll road. The toll collection has been fully electronic since 2021.

Traffic intensities

Exit Location 2007 2015
lock port 63,000
lemont 74,000
79,000 117,000
Bolingbrook 90,000 125,000
Woodridge 120,000 137,000
lisle 128,000 142,000
93,000 83,000
Butterfield 97,000 123,000
Wheaton 131,000 123,000
Lombard 117,000 111,000
Addison 120,000

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes

Interstate 355 at Illinois

Interstate 24 and 355 in Illinois
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