Interstate 170, 229 and 470 in Missouri

Missouri Interstate 170

Get started Brentwood
End Florissant
Length 11 mi
Length 18 km
1 → St. Louis1C-F Clayton

2 University City

3 Olivette

4 Overland

5 St. John

6 Bel-Ridge

7 → Kansas City

7C St. Louis Lambert Airport

8 Scudder Road

9A-C Airport Road

10 → Chicago

Interstate 170 or I -170 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Missouri. The highway forms a north-south connection in the metropolitan area of ​​St. Louis. The road runs west from downtown through the first row of suburbs. The route is 18 kilometers long.

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Travel directions

I-170 in the suburbs of St. Louis.

Near Brentwood, I-170 begins at an interchange with Interstate 64, which runs downtown. The highway here has 2×3 lanes and passes through older suburbs. Kinloch crosses Interstate 70, the highway from Kansas City to St. Louis. You will then immediately pass the airport, although the I-70 is the main access road for it. Not far after that, I-170 ends at Interstate 270, the city’s ring road.

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I-170 was once intended as an inner ring road along St. Louis to Interstate 55 south of the city. However, the section south of I-64 was called off by the Freeway Revolts. The highway was built in the 1960s from I-64 to University City, and a little later, in the mid-1980s, further north to I-270 past the airport.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Opening
exit 0 Exit 2 3 km 1967
Exit 2 Exit 4 3 km 1969
Exit 7 Exit 10 5 km 1983
Exit 4 Exit 7 5 km 1985

Traffic intensities

The highway is not extremely busy, with between 102,000 and 122,000 vehicles per day.

Missouri Interstate 229

Get started St. Joseph
End St. Joseph
Length 15 mi
Length 24 km
→ St. Louis / Sioux Falls1 Mason Road

3 22nd Street

4 6th Street

5 Downtown St. Joseph

6 4th Street

7 Highland Avenue

11 County Road K

14 → Sioux Falls

Interstate 229 or I -229 is an Interstate Highway in the US state of Missouri. The highway forms a north-south route through the town of St. Joseph and is 15 miles long.

Travel directions

The double-deck section of I-229 in St. Joseph.

The highway branches south of the city of St. Joseph from Interstate 29, the highway from Kansas City to Omaha. I-229 has 2×2 lanes and intersects US 36, an east-west route through St. Joseph. One then passes between downtown and the Missouri River, the I-229 is double-decked here. North of St. Joseph, I-229 rejoins I-29.


The I-229 has been constructed in phases. Initially, in 1968, only a short 5-mile stretch opened as a spur from I-29 south of St. Joseph. In 1982, the section through downtown St. Joseph opened, including the double-deck overpass. In 1986, the northbound extension to I-229 opened.

I-229 is notable because it is a number for a bypass, while I-29 is the actual bypass and I-229 goes through downtown. The expectations of the I-229 were too high, the use of the highway was disappointing and it did not bring the desired revitalization of the then poorly accessible center of St. Joseph.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Opening
exit 0 Exit 3 5 km ~1968
Exit 3 Exit 6B 5 km ~1982
Exit 6B Exit 14 13 km ~1986

Traffic intensities

I-229 is a very quiet highway, with 14,000 vehicles in the south of the city, 20,000 vehicles in the downtown area, and 8,500 vehicles north of downtown.

Missouri Interstate 470

Get started Kansas City
End Independence
Length 17 mi
Length 27 km
1 → Kansas City Beltway4 Raytown Road

5 View High Drive

7 → Jefferson City

9 Douglas Street

10 Lee’s Summit

11 Strother Road

12 Woods Chapel Road

14 Lakewood Boulevard

16A Webster Parkway

16B → Kansas City / St. Louis

Interstate 470 or I -470 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Missouri. The highway serves as an access road to Kansas City ‘s eastern suburbs and runs from I-435 in Kansas City to I-70 in Independence. The highway is 27 kilometers long.

Travel directions

I-470 at Independence.

In southeast Kansas City, I-470 begins at US 71, the highway from Kansas City to Fort Smith, Arkansas. The highway then has 2×3 lanes and runs due east. One then reaches the suburb of Lees Summit, which has 82,000 inhabitants. This is where US 50 exits, which forms a highway to the east. Here, I-470 turns north and reaches the 114,000-population suburb of Independence. Here, I-470 ends at Interstate 70, the highway from Kansas City to St. Louis.


Interstate 470 was built primarily to access the suburb of Lee’s Summit. The southern portion also handles traffic passing US 50 south of Kansas City. It is one of the newer highways in Kansas City, although it was completed before the I-435 beltway. The first section opened in 1980 between I-435 and US 50 at Lee’s Summit and in 1983 the north-south section opened to traffic as far as I-70 in Independence.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Opening
Exit 1 Exit 7 11 km 1980
Exit 7 Exit 16 14 km 1983

Traffic intensities

I-470 is not very busy with 70,000 vehicles on the south side and 65,000 vehicles on the east side.

Missouri Interstate 470

Interstate 170, 229 and 470 in Missouri
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