Hua Hin, Thailand Weather and Climate

Geographical location

According to abbreviationfinder, Hua Hin is located around 185 kilometers southwest of the capital Bangkok in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. The former fishing village in the center of Thailand has gradually developed into a tourist center over the past 90 years, which is not only very popular with the locals.

Around 45,000 people live in an area of ​​around 839 square kilometers, but due to its proximity to the Bangkok metropolitan area, Hua Hin is also a popular place for a weekend getaway. Many richer Thais have also bought holiday homes and apartments in Hua Hin.

The Myanmar border is just 30 kilometers away from here. The seaside resort on the Gulf of Thailand can be reached very cheaply by train from Bangkok, and several coach companies operate conveniently between the two cities. The journey time is usually around 3 hours.

The beautiful sandy beach is a dreamlike idyll and not nearly as crowded as many islands in the south of Thailand. Isolated hotel complexes are located in the shadow of the beach promenade, but Hua Hin is still a long way from classic mass tourism.

The easiest way to travel from Germany is via Bangkok, which can be reached by plane from Frankfurt in around 10 hours by plane. Ideally, you connect Hua Hin with some other regions as part of a Thailand tour or use the days on the beach as a relaxing end to a stay in the bustling capital.

Climate in Hua Hin

Hua Hin has a subtropical climate, the proximity to the equator brings only minor temperature fluctuations. In concrete terms, this means that the air and water temperatures differ only minimally over the course of the year. The daily values ​​move between 30 and 33 ° C. Basically, the climate in Hua Hin is divided into a dry season and a rainy season.

It should be noted, however, that small showers can also occur outside of the actual rainy season (May to October). Based on the maximum values ​​of 246 mm of precipitation in the rainiest month of October, it can be determined that the rainy season is much less pronounced anyway. In any case, the driest months in Hua Hin are between December and April.

On the other hand, the climate determined by the monsoon brings excellent water temperatures of 28 to 30 ° C and thus ideal conditions for a beach holiday. These high values ​​are mainly due to the peripheral location on the Gulf of Thailand, where the warm water “accumulates”, so to speak.

When to go to Hua Hin

The best time to travel to Hua Hin are the months of November to February, which are particularly convincing with high temperatures and mostly sunny and dry weather. The period between the beginning of March and the end of April (until the end of the dry season) is also ideal for a vacation, but the daytime temperatures can sometimes get very hot and are therefore not recommended for everyone.

In the months of May to October, the temperatures remain correspondingly high and are accompanied by increased humidity, and the rainy season also brings some precipitation. Nature now shines in a magnificent green and invites you to go on extensive discovery tours into the hinterland. Basically there are always sunny days, but it is without a doubt not the best time to travel in the region.

Hua Hin is climatically combined with the neighboring seaside resorts of Cha-am and Phrachuap Khiri Khan. Nevertheless, it is noticeable that November in Phrachuap Khiri Khan often still records considerable rainfall, while in Hua Hin itself the rainy season has already ended. There may be further shifts in the course of climate change, which is why we do not give November the highest recommendation as a travel time.

Optimal travel time for the regions

In the following overview you can see the best travel time depending on the region (Hua Hin).

Place Best travel time
Hua Hin January, February, March and December
Prachuap Khiri Khan January, February, March and December

Temperatures, rainfall in Hua Hin

Jan Feb March Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daytime temperature 30 ° C 31 ° C 32 ° C 34 ° C 34 ° C 33 ° C 33 ° C 33 ° C 32 ° C 31 ° C 30 ° C 30 ° C
Night temperature 22 ° C 23 ° C 25 ° C 26 ° C 26 ° C 26 ° C 26 ° C 26 ° C 25 ° C 25 ° C 24 ° C 23 ° C
Water temperature 28 ° C 28 ° C 29 ° C 30 ° C 30 ° C 30 ° C 29 ° C 29 ° C 29 ° C 29 ° C 29 ° C 28 ° C
Precipitation in mm 12 15 54 46 109 79 93 71 120 246 101 8
Rainy days 2 2 2 4 13 15 17 18 17 17 9 2
Sunrise 6:45 6:40 6:30 6:10 5:55 5:55 6:00 6:10 6:10 6:10 6:20 6:35
Sunset 18:15 18:25 18:30 18:30 18:35 18:45 18:50 18:40 18:20 18:00 17:50 17:55


The annual average temperature in Hua Hin is 28.3 ° C. For comparison: Munich reaches an average of 8.6 ° C, in Berlin it is 9.6 ° C. The warmest month is May (29.8 ° C), coldest month of December with averages of 26 ° C. The maximum water temperature in Hua Hin is 30 ° C. Comfortable bathing is possible at these temperatures. All months have a water temperature of at least 21 ° C and are therefore suitable for a beach holiday.


The annual precipitation is 955 mm on 118 days with precipitation. For comparison: In Munich, 967 mm, in Berlin 570 mm, precipitation is measured annually. The October is considered the rainy season, since in this month are expected to more than 175 mm of rainfall. You cannot expect snow in any month in Hua Hin.

Highlights and attractions

One of the highlights in Hua Hin is the adventurous Black Mountain Water Park. This is ideal for a great refreshment after numerous sunbathing and is particularly popular with families. There is a lot to discover culturally at the Cicarda Market, small artists present their skills and culinary delights are also well catered for.

An insider tip for the evening hours is the Saxophone Lounge, about 500 meters from the beach promenade. Smaller live acts perform here and the atmosphere is very pleasant. Other important sights in the region are the Monkey Mountain Wat Khao Takiap, the Buddhist shrine in Prachuap Khiri Khan and the large Kaeng Krachan National Park in neighboring Cha-Am.

Hua Hin weather in March, April and May

Daily temperatures averaging 32 to 34 ° C can be expected over the next three months. The temperatures hardly fluctuate during this time.

Do you want to go on a beach holiday? The water temperatures are in March, April and May 29-30 ° C. This is great weather for a great time on the beach and in the water.

In March it rains depending on the region of 2 (Hua Hin) to 3 days (Prachuap Khiri Khan), in April to 3 (Prachuap Khiri Khan) to 4 days (Hua Hin) and in May of 10 (Prachuap Khiri Khan) to 13 Days (Hua Hin).

In the period from March to May, the sun shines on average between 0 and 8 hours a day. The sunniest weather is in March in Prachuap Khiri Khan, with less sun you will have to get by in March in Hua Hin.

Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin, Thailand Weather and Climate
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