Guinea Weather and Climate

In Guinea there is a tropical climate in its purest form. The coast in particular is characterized by high and constant temperatures all year round, high humidity (up to 98%) and torrential downpours in the wet season.

The annual precipitation here is more than 4,000 mm, one of the highest values ​​in the world. Only beyond the Fouta Djalon plateau in the east does the rain fall.

The rainy season is between May and November. Monsoon winds from the sea then come over the land with tropical thunderstorms and hurricane-like storms. Precipitation reaches its zenith in July and August. With up to 1,300 mm, double the amount of rain falls in one month that falls in large parts of Germany in one year (!). During this time the sky is often cloudy and there is little sunshine.

From December to April there is a dry season in the West African country. During this time, the dry and hot Harmattan from the Sahara ensures that the humidity drops a little.

The mean temperature values ​​in Guinea are 22 to 32 ° C. On the Fouta Djalon plateau, however, the mercury column can drop to only 6 ° C at night in winter. In this region, the temperature fluctuations are generally somewhat higher than on the coast, where the Atlantic provides a balance. In the capital Conakry, on the other hand, the thermometer shows almost constantly between 24 and 32 ° C, regardless of whether it is rainy or dry season.

Best travel time for Guinea

A trip to Guinea should definitely only be undertaken in the dry season between December and April. Then the humidity is sometimes only below 70%. It is still quite high and uncomfortable, but much more bearable than in summer with almost 100%.

The holidaymaker should absolutely avoid the rainy season from May to October, which is one of the wettest in the world. In July and August in particular, violent storms send huge masses of water down from the sky. Not only do they make locomotion impossible, they also create an unbearable sultriness. However: If you want to experience a tropical rainy season in its purest form, you should plan a vacation on the coast of Guinea in the summer months.


Guinea Weather and Climate
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