Which One Will You Pick Among So Many Handbags?

Handbags work to carry your daily necessity and also serve to fit your lifestyle. You must be faced with the challenge of making a decision among a multitude of dazzling handbags while shopping. This guide will help you out and get a handle on choosing a handbag. As nobody wants to make a disappointing purchase, we provide details about different types of handbags and measurement of sizes for you. Get ready to have one with good taste!


Enjoy Yourself Greatly at Evening Party


>> Baguette Bag

Just as the name suggests, a baguette bag is similar to a long thin loaf of French bread. It is in the shape of rectangle. The strap is short and thin so that the bag perches just under your armpit. A right baguette bag adds oomph to your personality and femininity to your image. Make a statement with a sophisticated baguette bag for evening wear.

Satin Baguette Bag


>> Clutch Bag

A clutch bag is a small and compact bag without a strap or a handle. Wearers carry it in their hands or tuck it under their arms. It is impossible for celebrities to hit the red carpet without a fabulous sought-after clutch bag. The design is various from the simply made to the exquisitely detailed. Though you can accessorize your outfit with a clutch bag during the day, it would be more suitable to be collected in your eveningwear attire. You appear graceful and refined when matching a haute contour gown with an excellent crafted clutch bag. A bold-colored lipstick and a delicate small mirror must be included in your bag.


Clutch Bag




>> Minaudiere

A small ornamental case with compartments, typically hard-bodied. It comes in a diversity of shapes. Another choice for an evening party. The small space only allows you to store items, such as a makeup compact, a watch or a key.

Minaudiere with Rhinestone



Trendy and Practical for Everyday Use



>> Bucket Bag

The shape of a bucket bag resembles a bucket. It has an open top, a shoulder strap and a drawstring closure which is the salient feature among other bags. The bucket bag can be used to pack a variety of things, including cell phone, accessories, cosmetics and anything else if the bag's capacity is large enough.

Bucket Bag


>> Hobo Bag

The hobo bag is known for the crescent shape on the top and slouchy posture. There are one strap or two straps to carry on your shoulder. Hobo bags are available in many materials, usually made of soft material, and in many sizes, often medium and large sizes in hobo prints more popular. Casual and practical as it is, a hobo bag is for everyday use, but still stylish.

Hobo Bag


>> Shoulder Bag

A shoulder bag has a single strap or double straps that go over your shoulders. A variety of designs and sizes offer you a comfortable fit. The trend of shoulder bags never fades. What you will find in the street is that most women carry this type of bag. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for daily life.

Shoulder Bag


>> Wristlet

Wristlets resemble clutches. The main difference between them is that a wristlet has a strap at one of the corners which enables you to slide your hand through the strap so that you can let it rest around your wrist. It is best suited for casual wear.






Shop for Office Work



>> Satchel

A structured bag with a wide and flat bottom. A top carrying handle with a triangular silhouette. The closures may be snap or buckle. You can accessorize by wearing the shoulder strap diagonally across the body and slinging the bag on the opposite hip or hanging the bag directly down from the shoulder. In view of the spacious room, it is an ideal choice for women who need to store documents daily. A satchel is an optimal bag for office women who run short or long errands.

Leather Satchel Bag


>> Hand Bag

A bag with two short handles for you to hold. Your hand is kept busy, but that couldn't prevent women from falling for it. They can team either with a formal gown or a casual outfit.


Hand Bag




Consider a Functional Bag



>> Messenger Bag

People also call it a crossbody bag. The designer was inspired by urban messengers who delivered business mails and came up with the idea of a modern version. The bag which rests on the lower back is roomy with a strap going across the body. Because of the strap which keeps your both hands free, you can ride on a bicycle while the bag staying in place. Most often messenger bags are preferred by teenagers and college girls. Large space makes it a functional bag. Papers, books, clothes, groceries and etc can be put inside the bag.

Messenger Bag


>> Tote Bag

A shopper bag. The reason why it is named as a shopper bag is that its room is large enough to accommodate a wide range of items. Two soft straps or handles can either be held by hand or carried over the shoulder. An open-up top or a zipper closure is generally seen in this type of bag. Cloth or soft material is usually applied to produce a tote bag. The design is changeable from casual to trendy.

Going to a shopping mall or beach, a tote bag is a fairly good choice.


Leather Tote Bag






Measurement of Handbags



Women need a handbag to store belongings such as wallets, makeup, cell phones, keys, etc. Knowing the size of a handbag is of essence. You have to make sure the room is enough for your stuff. Actually, the critical point is that you should start from the inside rather than from the outside. The size of a handbag's inside means the actual space which shows the number of things that can be filled within the bag.


The following image of a bag is provided to illustrate length, width, height and strap drop length.


First, the base of a handbag determines the length. Measure the distance from one side of the bag to the other side of the bag. Handbags with uneven shapes, for example a slouchy bag,  is no exception.


Second, to calculate the width of a handbag from the front of the bag to the back of the bag.


Third, the distance from the base of the bag to the top of the bag is its height.


Last, strap drop length is the distance between the center peak of the bag to the top center of the strap.


less than 6 3/4” or 17cm

Carried in the hand or on the arm

7” – 20” or 18cm – 50cm

Carried on the shoulder

20” (52cm)

Worn across body



Embark on the exciting quest of choosing a handbag. Get your hands on one that adds pizazz to your image.