What Kind Of Hat Looks Stylish For Your Face Shape?

Most of you may have had trouble buying a hat: The hat looks absolutely incredible and super chic on the mannequin, and you realize painfully later that the hat worn around your head looks infinitely unsatisfactory. Then you are stuck in the vicious circle that every hat seems odd or silly on you. You become, sadly, hat-paranoid. It's time to turn a new leaf and resume the adventure.  We've got some tips for that exact purpose. A wisely chosen hat adds flair and sharpness to your appearance. And it may also brings mystery and sophistication to the party.



Match Your Hat to Your Face

Just like you should take face shape into consideration in selecting earrings and necklaces, the same goes with selecting a hat. The hat that best frames your face makes you look dapper and hot. Let's start with your face shape. 



Long face features high forehead, narrow jaw line and long length.


Optimal Hat Types:

Try a hat with a flared brim and low crown, such as a sunhat, a cloche or a fedora with a large brim. The large brim of a sunhat may well offset the length of a long face. A cloche worn low to your eyebrows can help conceal your high forehead, and, like sorcery, create an impression of shortened face. The large brim of the fedora also counterbalances vertical curves.


What to Avoid:

You should stay away from a hat with tall crown which only elongates your face even further.


          Sarah Jessica Parker in a fedora


Flowers Woolen Cloche





Heart shaped face has a broad forehead, wide cheekbone and pointy chin. Chin is the narrowest part of a heart shaped face.


Optimal Hat Types:

Go with medium brimmed hats, such as a fedora with a medium sized brim, boater, cloche, homburg, beanie, beret or toque. They are all good choices to make. The hats mentioned above balance out the width of your forehead. It can prevent your jaw line from appearing narrow. Slanting the hat to one side will slim your face and draw attention to the eyes. Actually, any type will work well on you except those with large brims.     


What to avoid:

You should avoid wide brims which only accentuate your forehead and narrow your chin.


                 Beyonce with a medium-sized brim

cute hat




With a square shaped face, its length is almost equal to its width. The distance from forehead to chin and that from cheek to cheek are the same. A broad forehead and a strong chin are the main features of a square shaped face.


Optimal Hat Types:

Your defined and symmetrical face requires circular features to soften the edges of the face. Round crown and brim will do the trick - smoothing a boxy face and inducing the illusion of height and roundness. Opt  for a sunhat, a cowboy hat, a homburg, a cloche or a toque which gives you a feminine and flirty touch. A beret will elongate and cushion your facial contour. Tilting the hat off to one side breaks up the symmetry pattern of your square face. A sunhat with a pair of sunglasses and a flowing maxi dress adds boho-chic to your ensemble. It is a perfect combination for your beach vacation.


What to Avoid:

Don't wear a hat with a short brim, no brim or a square hat. The two types of hats will both emphasize your angular face shape.


                  Jessica Simpson looks mint


Floopy Straw Hat






An oval face has a shape like an egg. It has broader cheeks, slightly narrowed forehead and jaw line. The forehead is a bit wider than the chin.


Optimal Hat Types:

You are blessed and try on any style you like. Pick up whatever suits your mood as long as the hat is in harmony with your outfit. Experiment with earrings, necklace and bracelet, women with oval faces can top off any hat. 


What to Avoid:

The possibilities are limitless. It depends on your personal preferences. 


                         Rachel Zoe with a beret


Woolen Knitted Winter Hat with Letter Embroidered




A round face as it implies has round chin, full cheek and a round hairline. It makes you look younger than other shapes.


Optimal Hat Types:

Got a round face that you are unsure of? Don't panick. You can perfectly handle a fedora, a newsboy hat or a baseball cap. This symmetrical face cries out for a new angle: asymmetry. The roundness requires a slimming treatment. Your main goal is to choose a hat that helps distract people's attention from your facial curves, and eliminate the power of first impression about your chubby and short face. It is wise to select a hat with a high crown and straight brim in order to give your face more angles. Moreover, slanting your hat forward draws out your face and gives a touch of definition.


What to Avoid:

Steer clear of round crowns which aggravates the roundness of your face.


    Kirsten Dunst looks stunning in knitted newsboy hat.


Woolen Beret Hat



Triangle shaped faces are also known as pear shaped faces, a little longer than they are wide. The narrow forehead widens from the cheekbone to chin. The chin is the widest, maybe angular or rounded.


Optimal Hat Types:

A triangle face is like an oval face shape that the options are virtually endless when it comes to a hat. Make sure your hat brings balance to your shoulder line, and accent to your garment.


What to Avoid:

Never get close to a crown that is narrower than the cheekbones.


    Sexy and charming Victoria Beckham with a baseball cap


Fashion Beret Cap






How to Measure Hats 

What's my hat size? Most of you couldn't answer that question. You must know your shoe size, what about hat size? Through a few quick steps, you will have the answer.  Your hat size will stay the same for your whole life. Measuring your head once saves time and energy. The only thing you need to do is memorizing the number or writing it down.


(1) Find a measuring tape, or a piece of string and a ruler;

(2) Wind a tape around your forehead snugly。 The circle is where you want your hat to rest. Typically, it is located just above the center of the forehead and the upslope at the back of your head. Or you may already have a hat that suits you, in that case you would locate the circle more easily. If you have a friend to help you, it would be more accurate. If not, a mirror comes in handy. Look into the mirror and measure several times to ensure accuracy.


Measure the hat size with a piece of string, then you have to note down the joining point of the circle's both ends with a pen. Use a ruler to measure the length of the circle.

(3) Look into a mirror to ensure that the tape is in the right place.

(4) Once you finish measuring, write it down in case you forget.

Below is a chart for you to consult.


Check your hat inventory,  and while you are at it, check ours, too! Get ready to change with us!