Two Quick Ways To Refresh Your Handbag Collection

It is absolutely worthwhile to spend your time reading this handbag guide. You can choose to follow the article step by step from different handbag styles to handbag choices for your body type or jump to the part that interests you. I'm sure that many women like myself buy a handbag because of its bewitching appearance. A mismatch will break your outfit completely. The thing that matters is to combine your clothing with handbag style and to take your body type into consideration while ordering one.


Handbag Style + Individual Style: When you go out every time, do not forget to match your dressing with a handbag in the same style.


Bohemian Style

Bohemian fashion or boho is relevant to the word "freedom". Unconventionality is the major element of bohemian style. Handbags are on sale in a wide range of colors and shapes, while slouchy ones made of cloth or leather, fringe or suede are preferred. A hobo bag partners with a flowing dress, loose garments or a boho skirt, which ties your outfit together, while providing comfort for you. You are recommended to incorporate striking accessories into your ensemble so that a harmonious image is created.

Embroidered Cotton Hobo Bag

Preppy Style

Preppy fashion pertains to young people who go to a private school with conservative attitude and style of clothing. Currently, the preppy style has been widely accepted around the world with a unique accent of refinement. Preppy elements such as nautical stripes, pastel colors or equestrian details are often applied to clothes and accessories. A satchel, a small-sized bucket bag or a messenger bag can complement your ensemble so as to achieve a preppy look.

Leather Messenger Bag

Punk Style

Punk fashion signifies boldness, aggression and rebellion against conventionality. It is associated with spiked hairstyles, often in bright colors, leather clothing, and distinctive accessories embellished with metal elements. To seal authentic punk looks, rivets, studs, spikes are frequently used. Metal chains can be worn on your neck to accentuate the point where individuality meets edginess. Find a bag decorated with rivets, a leather biker jacket and a pair of sexy pointy heels to get yourself a timeless look with a subtle punk appeal.

Rivet Handbag

Retro Style

Retro Fashion is a wearing style which imitates the trend, mode, fashion of the past. Leather handbags, bell-bottom jeans, fedoras, chiffon scarves, etc all belong to retro style. Many women don them in their own ways and combine them with current clothing. A wide-brimmed hat, A-line skirt or dress and a clutch, a baguette bag, or a minaudiere will be perfect if you want to follow the trend.

Baguette Bag

Sporty Style

Fashion magazines and blogs are gradually dominated by sporty street style. The world is promoting us to do workout everyday, and the sporty look would leave people good impression of health and dynamism. This relaxed and casual wear is making their way onto the streets. A baseball cap, letterman jacket, wedge sneakers, and a crossbody bag will definitely become your favorite equipment. A tote is also one of options to fit your comfort yet help fashion forward.

Crossbody Bag

Cartoon Style

As the animated cartoon is steadily gaining in popularity, cartoon style is popularized. Designers take inspiration from cartoon movies and create a load of fashion that most people enjoy a lot. For example, Despicable Me. The film earned positive reviews from critics and is admired by a lot of people. There are t-shirts, hats, glasses, and now handbags with cartoon patterns become cool. The 3D handbags can truly showcase your lifestyle and push your uniqueness out. Any casual outfit with such a handbag will make you stand out and definitely catch eyeballs. Handbags with cartoon patterns are also funny and cute.

3D Stereo Handbag







Handbag type + body type: A fitting handbag can either add or take off weight of your figure. So when you enjoy the handbag season, check your body type first.


Inverted Triangle Body Type+ Handbags

Your bottom is smaller than your shoulder.

You need a bag to draw attention away from your heavy top. Go for a handbag with a long strap and large in size in order to add width to your bottom. Avoid short strap handbags which only make your upper body appear heavier.

A messenger bag, hand bag or a crossbody bag is preferred.


            Lace Crossbody Bag


Triangle Body Type+ Handbags

You have a full bottom which is wider than your shoulders.

In order to draw attention away from your large hip, you'd better opt for a handbag with a short strap, a handbag that can be tucked under your arm or one that hangs just at mid-riff length. People's eyes are drawn upward instead of focusing on your ample hip.

A clutch, a baguette, minaudiere or a hobo bag is ideal.

    Clutch Bag


Rectangle Body Type+ Handbags

The sizes of  hip, waist and shoulders are the same.

The handbag you choose should add curves and dimensions to your figure. Look for handbags with details, like studs, patterns, etc. If you are just tall and thin, you can handle almost any handbag style except small and rectangle handbags as they only accentuate your small frame.

Try different types of handbags at hip length to add volume and induce the illusion of layering.

      Tassel Shoulder Bag


Hourglass Body Type+ Handbags

Shoulder and hip is balanced and your line of body is defined.

For a curvy woman, a structured handbag will coordinate perfectly with your body line. A handbag with a strap that ends just above the waist will compliment your silhouette most. Round or slouchy handbag tends to make your figure even curvier.

Consider a shoulder bag, a satchel or a tote.


Shoulder Bag


Round Body Type+ Handbags

Round or apple body type features large waist that tends to carry your weight. You may also have larger-than-average bust and great legs.

The handbag that suits you should show off your best bits and avoid bulky image. A thin and slim handbag will be your best choice because its hanging loosely and lightly against your body will not add volume. You may have an apple body type, but on the plus side. Then a boxy handbag can mask your flaws. A small bag will never be your friend. Carrying it only makes you look large and larger.

Opt for a tote or a hand bag.


Hand Bag





Now buy your handbag with confidence and let yourself be the focal point in the crowd.

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