Top 5 Maintenance Ways Of Satin Dresses


It is of great significance for all the women to have a solemn and elegant suit during the party or on other grand occasions. Satin dresses will be the optimal choice. Since they are all made of cotton, silk, acetate, rayon, nylon or polyester, most people may feel vexatious about how to keep their satin ceremonial robe clean and tidy. To a great extent, it depends on how you care for the satin dresses. Here are some important tips on the proper ways to make your satin neat.

Satin Dress Care:

Attend to stains immediately: If your satin dress occurs to have a contaminated spot, you need to immediately use a stain remover to deal with the spot and then wash your dress to prevent the stain becoming permanent. And there is one thing you should pay much attention to: when your satin dresses come across a blood smirch, you need to soak them in cold water before resorting to other measures. You should also make sure there is no bleach in your stain removers.

Dry clean satin dresses made of silk and acetate: Since the satin dresses made of silk and acetate are vulnerable, easy to damage when washed by hand or machine. So it is necessary for you to use professional dry cleaners to get rid of the spot on stain dresses.

Wash satin dresses made of other fibers:It will be more efficient if you wash your vulnerable satin dresses with a featured detergent. And you can choose machine washing apart from the preferential hand washing. Just make sure you select the delicate cycle.

Let the dress air-dry:The best way to make your satin dresses dry is to use a thick towel to remove the water. And there is one thing you need to notice:  your dress will discolor, if directly exposed to the sun. The most appropriate way is to let it dry naturally.

Keynoteson Ironing the satin dress: Keeping your dress away from direct heat of the iron is also a keynote you need to know. If you want to iron it, a protective covering is indispensable, such as a handkerchief or lightweight towel, which can protect the stain from being damaged by the direct heat. Lay the handkerchief on you dress, and make sure the iron is at the low setting before ironing.

Storage place: The last point you need to notice is: never place your satin dresses near the heat sources, like radiators and sunlight. That is because they will do harm to the look and the quality of the dress.