Tips To Buy A Pair Of Suitable Shoes


Generally speaking, you are always fascinated by the wonderful look of shoes and place an order excitedly without considering whether you have chosen the right size for your feet. Knowing your exact shoe size is essential to get a pair of shoes that suit your feet comfortably and tie your ensemble together. How can you pick the right size of shoes? The good news is that it is just as easy as DIY at home. This guide will give some basics to you for assisting you in selecting the right sizes of shoes.


Part 1: Measure Your Foot


A piece of paper (of course, the size of the paper must be larger than that of your foot), a pencil and a long ruler or a measuring tape should be prepared.

foot measuring device


1) Place a blank sheet of paper on the hard and flat floor. Carpeted floor is not suitable for measuring your foot because carpet will work in a pinch.


shoe sizes


2) Step one of your feet onto the piece of paper and let it rest naturally.


european shoe size


3) Crouch down and outline the foot all the way around. You have to hold the pencil vertically. The pencil should be perpendicular to the paper while drawing. You don't have to draw an outline of each toe, but mark the point where your longest toe ends.


shoe size in inches


4) Use the pencil to draw straight lines from the bottom of the heel to the tip of the longest toe and from left to right at its widest point, typically the widest distance spanning the ball of the foot.


how to measure shoe size at home


5) Measure the length from the top to the bottom with a ruler or a measuring tape. Note down the number which to a great extent determines your shoe size.


foot length shoe size


6) Record the width measured from left side to right side. The number decides which version you should buy.


shoe width sizes


7) Subtract 3/16ths of an inch from each figure to account for the diameter and the width of the pencil line.


measure shoe size


8) Flip the paper over and repeat the steps above with the other foot. Use the size that is larger.


find your shoe size


9) Again, repeat the steps above with larger foot in socks to determine your spring, autumn and winter shoe size.


large shoe sizes


10) Find your shoe size on sizing chart below.


how to measure shoe size


Part 2: Interpret Measuring Results

1) Look for your length measurement on the chart below.


shoe size chart


2) Find your width measurement.


shoe width chart



<1> The best time to measure your feet is in the evening when your feet swell to the maximum size;

<2> The most accurate shoe size is taken while standing, so you'd better have someone helping you;

<3> For Athletic shoes, leave a thumb's width of room at the longest toe. The shoe shouldn't be tight when measuring for Athletic models.