Tips on Choosing the Right Foundation

Purchasing the right foundation calls for special attention. In order to find the right one type foundation from so many makeup brands, you need to be quite patient. Today I write this article aiming to help you to buy the right foundation. There are two parts which you can follow to do.

Part 1: Well know of your skin

In the first part, I will tell you how to learn your skin type and color. Is it oily or dry, combination or neutral? You need to know your skin's type for that different type skins use different foundations. And it's also important to know the skin color so that the foundation can better match with you, rather that too dark or too light. Does your skin color look yellow or pink or pale? Is your skin bright or dark? These information all relates to the choosing the foundation types.

Part 2: What kind of foundation do you like?

Following is about what kind of foundation you like. As you know, each makeup brand provides several kinds of foundations. Do you want powder of liquid? What about the coverage? For me, I suggest liquid type and whole face coverage. And you must have a price budget.It is suitable for the new learners.

For powder
If you prefer powder type foundation, I only have one suggestion. You'd better choose one type powder which has the least damage on you skin.

For sensitive skin
If you have sensitive skin, you may need to be more cautious than common people. You'd better to learn some familiar brands when you buy makeup products. You need to know whether the components will make you uncomfortable or allergic. You may suffer some pains before you know all of that. Make a list for what you have known, so that you will not forget. In the process you will learn some useful experience.