Tips on Buying and Wearing Espadrilles

With the arrival of summer, selecting escadrilles are necessary for most people. Espadrilles have the defining character of canvas or cotton uppers and braided, grassy soles. Usually the solesare madeof jute. These shoes don’t pollute the environment. Several tips for youon choosing espadrilles are as follows.

Wearing Espadrilles:


Height: The height of your espadrilles always play an important role in the dressing effect. During the summer, flat soles are the best option for you. Wearing them with shorts, ankle length pants or capri pants, you’ll feel fairly relaxed. It is feasible for you to wear the espadrilles when on the beach or at the pool. Espadrilles with wedge heels can be shown off at parties, brunches, and so on.


Color: Since the materials of the uppers are cotton, there are various color choices for espadrilles. For example, A black pair would be all-matched, but as it is so hot outside, the black pair may not fit the weather. So a red, orange, or yellow pair of espadrilles will be a good option. Sometimes, they have bright-colored prints, including stripes, leopard spots, or floral patterns.


Straps or not: The ankle straps are not indispensable when it comes to flat and wedge espadrilles. Without the straps, It is more natural, perfect if matching with shorts on a Saturday afternoon. While if you’d like to achieve a distinctive and vintage look, wearing espadrilles with ankle straps is the best choice since it has always been around after being popularized in America in the 1940s. Sometimes the straps are a simple bow around the ankle, and sometimes the straps wrap around the leg like a ballerina's shoe.


Toe open or closed: Both flat and wedge espadrilles with closed toes present themselves in various styles.Open-toe espadrilles have either a dressy or a casual appearance, largely up to the degree of opening. A peep-toe will show a well-groomed sense, while a full open-toe sandal will be natural and simple.

Extra details: Although espadrilles are varied in styles, if there are a few decorations, such as a leather ankle strap, a bow on the vamp, a few rhinestones at the ankle, or a shiny buckle, they can be more chic than ever before.