Tips for You to Choose Infant Formula

It's better for you to consult the pediatrician, before you buy the infant formula for your kids. Especially if you do not breastfeed your baby, choosing the right baby formula should be cautious and careful. In America, baby formulas should be examined by FDA for the safety of bottle feeding. Some kinds of baby formulas have special effects as they declare, for the babies with lactose intolerance or other allergies.

Choosing infant formula:

Consult you doctor. Seek advice about choosing which kind of infant formula from pediatrician when you are pregnant. Tell the doctor ahead whether you and you family have allergies.

Make sure which kind of formula you want to buy, like powder form, concentrate form or ready-to-feed form. Powder formula is the cheapest. Beside powder formula, concentrate formula also need to add water. Only ready-to-feed formula can be feed directly, but it also needs to be put in feeding bottle first, or change a pacifier for the package.

Choose an iron-supplemented baby formula. Infants not being breastfed would be more possible to have iron-deficient disease. FDA has said that iron-fortified formulas can help to prevent that. As for the babies who have lactose intolerance, mothers can choose the kind of cow’s milk which is soy-based on whey protein, rather than common whole milk.

Make all your decisions about your baby's formula following the advice of the pediatrician. Any subtle difference in choosing the formulas may result in discomfort or even disease for your baby.

Once you feel that the baby has some discomfort in the process of feeding, tell your pediatrician immediately. If the baby has symptoms like colic, emesis, or dysentery, you must change another kind of formula for your baby.

Infant formula warnings:

Feeding bottle should be kept in cold storage after feeding. Don't use the bottles which have been taken out over one hour.

Dilute the formula based on the specification guidance. Don't make it too dry or too watery, otherwise, babies may have stomach problems or malnutrition.

Both the formula and bottles should be used at once after putting out, no longer than 48 hours.