Tips for Study Furniture Arrangement

If we say someone arranges his study very nice, we means he place the furniture well in the study. Decorating the study in comfort and warm atmosphere is good for high efficient work. It's hard to evaluate whether the furniture is placed properly, but you can learn the furniture arrangement skills as the following guidance.

Decorating your study:

Large furniture takes priority. Take a priority to arrange the large furniture. Commonly the computer table would be placed firstly. It needs to be settled close to the window, so that the sunlight reflected by the computer screen would not dazzle your eyes.

Lay daily used furniture close to the table. Arrange the daily used furniture next to the computer table, like the bookcase, a printer or a coffeemaker. When you are sitting before the table, you can touch the document folder and refill the coffee without walking.

Feel harmonious. When you take a look of the study from the outside, what's your feeling? When you walk in, do you feel it's easy to get to the table? If not, the room should be redecorated.

Place the least used furniture until the end. Place the least used objects, for example, the needless desks and the redundant cabinets, when other items are put in right place. It's worth noting that do not place any objects in the path to the door.

Make full use of the space, like the corner of the square room. If you don't like the monotonous decorations, you can arrange the furniture in diagonal position.

In some seasons like cold winter and rainy spring, move the table away from the windows.