Tips for Hand-worked Furniture Maintenance and Care

Buying a set of customized and hand-worked furniture for your home is like a pleasant investment. They can even become your hereditary treasure for your children and descendants, or maybe you have taken over some precious fitments from your ancestors. Handmade furniture is highly valued for the good quality and duration of service. However, no matter how good the furniture is, daily care is needed. Here are some notes for you about how to care for your hand-worked furniture.

Furniture maintains and cares:

Cleaning: Good quality furniture is precious because of its rareness. The main care work of furniture is dust elimination. You need to use a wet cleaning cloth to wipe away the dust on the surface of the furniture regularly, adding the dish soap in the warm water if necessary. Control the powder while wiping in case scuffing the furniture.

Protection: Appropriate protection can help to lengthen the lifespan of the furniture. No straight sunlight, because the furniture will fade fast under sunlight. No heat in high temperature environment, because the wood of the furniture would become fragile, and the heat may burn the materials. Set a humidor near the furniture if the climate is dry. Taking measures like nursing the wooden furniture with polishing beeswax regularly can well protect the furniture.

Maintenance: All furniture would be abraded after long time, although the quality is the best. Thus maintenance is needed for daily care, like rubbing the dark spots on the surface of the wooden furniture with soft cloth, using toothpaste and soda as cleaner. It is quite useful. As to the scratched places, they need careful maintenance in case the scratches get enlarged. If some parts of the furniture are damaged, take them out and repair them separately. It's the same if there are several parts broken. Don't remove the whole furniture one time but repair the parts one by one, it's one of the rules for maintaining the furniture.