The Secret Of Getting Your Bracelet Praised

Most likely, you have invariably paid attention to the gorgeous appearance of a bracelet.



Details about a bracelet are still a mystery to you.

The secrets of bracelets will be revealed in this article. Let’s plunge into the world of bracelets. A feast for your eyes!

The origin of bracelet


What is a bracelet?

A bracelet is a piece of decoration worn around your wrist.


Why it is called a bracelet?

According to wikipedia, the term originates from the combination of the Greek word ‘brachile’ meaning ‘of the arm’ and the old French ‘barcel’.

The picking and wearing of bracelets enriches your life and brings sparkle to your look, but you have to ponder over the matching bracelet to your dressing and a distinctive bracelet adds loveliness to your image.

The prevalent types of bracelets

The dominant types in the world of fashion jewelry are bangle, charm bracelet, cuff bracelet, tennis bracelet, pearl bracelet, turquoise bracelet, precious gemstone bracelet, beaded bracelet, leather bracelet, multi-strand bracelet, wristwatch bracelet and the meaningful friendship bracelet.



A solid band worn around the wrist, and usually made of metal, wood, beads, plastic or leather.

You will lovingly embrace its different kinds of design, such as smooth bangle, textured bangle or bangle set with stones.


Its versatility enjoys wide popularity around the world from celebrities to children.


In India, people are keen on wearing bangle sets which make a clinking sound like wind bell chiming when the arm makes a movement.

Love bracelet is one type of bangle. It is worldwide renowned for the functional imitation of medieval chastity belts.

Crystal Inlayed Golden Vintage Bangle

Charm bracelet:


A piece of chain attached to small accessories, such as ornamental pendants or trinkets which symbolize importance or bring good luck.


In modern times, people purchase a charm bracelet due to the diverse accents on the chain. It enjoys widespread favor among girls and young women.


A majority of you may be unfamiliar with the Pandora bracelet. Actually it’s a modern version of a charm bracelet, stylish and original.


The prominent feature of a Pandora bracelet is that a snake-chain connects to the center hole of the charms.


Chain Bracelet with Crystal Charms

Cuff bracelet:


A cuff bracelet is similar to a bangle, but not the same.


The most striking difference between them is that a cuff bracelet has an open area which enables it to slide into your wrist effortlessly and rest around your wrist comfortably.


It comes in abundant styles and designs from simple styles to exquisite craftsmanship. Gold and sterling silver cuff bracelets are relatively more impressive.


Sowing Glass Bead Geometry Shaped Cuff Bracelet

Tennis bracelet:


A tennis bracelet is also called a diamond line bracelet. The idea of inline string of diamonds is completely brilliant.


A chain embellished with a symmetrical pattern of diamonds impresses you with connections to simplicity and splendor without being too flashy. It is never out of vogue, still in trend.

You must be curious about the reason why we tend to name it as a tennis bracelet rather than a diamond line bracelet. There is a story to satisfy your curiosity.


Chris Evert, a professional tennis player, lost her George Bedewi designed diamond bracelet during a contest as a result of her snap clasp and requested to pause the ongoing contest. Then, the name of tennis bracelet was born.

Geometry Tennis Bracelet

Pearl bracelet:


As the name implies, a bracelet made of pearls. Pearls are perpetual and have won its popularity since ancient times.


The understated beauty of pearls receives a sparkling touch by the inspirational design of  converting them into pearl bracelets.


A pearl bracelet is amazingly elegant and stately that delivers an air of nobleness. It is an ideal accessory to make your style stand out.

Pearl Bracelet with Flower

Turquoise bracelet:


The turquoise bracelet includes bracelet inlayed with turquoise and bracelet made of turquoise.


The integration of nature's works into designer's brilliant idea allures a multitude of followers.


The vibrant sky blue color often reminds you of words like "refreshing and relaxing", so it is usually paired with bohemian style outfits.

Natural Turquoise Stone Bracelet   

Precious gemstone bracelet:


This type of bracelet is indispensable to your jewelry collection and formal occasions.


It features a wide range of valuable gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds and etc. The various colors and dazzling effect make it a treasure for jewelry lovers.


The price is typically high due to the precious stones and excellent craftsmanship. If you can not afford a precious gemstone bracelet, costume jewelry is an alternative for its much lower price.

  Rose Gold Plated Crystal Inlayed Bracelet  

Beaded bracelet:


Beads with center holes connected by a wire or an elastic string.


The bracelet often incorporates beads like glass, plastic, recycled paper which are inexpensive and save your money.


Multiple choices of beaded bracelets can be an added dose to your beauty.

Multi Layer Beaded Bracelet with Tassel Pendant

Leather bracelet:


An alternative in fashion to a metal bracelet. Its unconventional design appeals to a lot of people, especially to students.


A great advantage is that it is lightweight and inexpensive. You can take part in a vigorous activity without worrying that it would fall off. Generally, you will find fashionable leather bracelets at affordable prices. 

Leather Bracelet with Beads Inlayed

Multi-strand bracelet:


A long bracelet with only one clasp.


It coils around your wrist, leaving an impression of wearing several bracelets together.

Geometry Multi-Strand Bracelet

Wristwatch bracelet:


Wristwatch bracelets merge wristwatches with bracelets. The combination of time and  fashion is not only beautiful, but also functional.


Moreover, it saves you a lot of trouble in matching and wearing more than one piece on the wrist. A stunning item worthwhile to have.

Colorful Wristwatch Bracelet with Square Diamond Analog Dial

Friendship bracelet:


A bracelet which symbolizes friendship given by a friend. It is often handmade for the expression of sincerity.


You have to tie it in person to your friend's wrist who may have a wish and the bracelet should not be taken off until it is completely worn out or falls off by itself, at which point the wish is believed to come true.

Shell Pendant Bracelet


Bracelet size

The description below instructs you to measure your wrist so that you know the bracelet size and get the right bracelet.

Find the broadest part of your wrist--the wrist bone and measure it tightly.

Measure the size of the area which is located just below the wrist bone--between the wrist bone and your hand with a soft tape. That's your wrist size.

   -Your approximate bracelet size will be 1/4 to 1 inch longer.

Measure the size of the area which is just above the wrist bone--between the wrist bone and your elbow with a soft tape.

  -The approximate bracelet size you should wear will be 1/4 to 1 inch larger.

Generally, the perfect fit for your wrist will be 1/4 to 1/2 longer.


If you want to buy a bangle which slides into your arm, measure tightly the broadest part of your hand.

Clench your fist and lay it on a flat position, measure the distance from the middle of the first knuckle to the middle of the fourth knuckle. 

That will be your bangle size.


Wrist with bracelet

If you have small wrists, focus on bangles, stacked and snug bangles will suit you best. Multi-strand bracelets  should also be taken into account prior to other types. Both stacked bangles and multi-strand bracelets can well balance your small wrist and create a harmonious look. They add a fashionable touch to your style.

When it comes to medium wrists, include comfort fit bracelets which will give prominence to your contour into your short list and exclude stacked bangles and multi-strand bracelets which only lead to the chunky frame from your short list. The right outfit will add glamorous appeal accented with a piece of bracelet.

Loose fit is definitely suitable for large size wrists. Never throw a glance at delicate items which would make your wrist appear thicker. You will look great and your outfit will shine by choosing several elegant and simple style bracelets to stay together.

Thinking about wearing bracelets on two arms, you are recommended to opt for approximately the same size and amount of bracelets to leave a symmetrical impression and enhance your beauty.


Bracelet with outfit

School: Dress your wrist up with an array of shimmering colors. The bangle features a distinctive tone with sparkling glass crystal accents.


The vibrant color of this bracelet is in sharp contrast with the dim color of school uniform and can captivate people's attention easily.


Excellent crafted glass crystals  are finished with a hinge closure for convenience. Multi-strand bracelets and leather bracelets are trendy and eminently worthwhile to have.


Be bold enough to choose glowing colors. They illuminate your silhouette.

Zircon Champagne Gold Plated Bangle

Office: Fabulous in design, this bracelet is bedecked with cherry charms. The suit makes you look feminine, but charms add a sweet and cute touch.


It features a lobster claw for secure wear. The red color of the bracelet and the black color of the suit are a perfect couple. You can also have a try on tennis bracelets or bracelets without charms.


Remember to have confidence in yourself when wearing suits.

Cute Cherry Chain Bracelet


Date: A precious gemstone bracelet is preferable to others. An ocean of different gemstones for you to pick from, so it could easily go well with your dressing up.


The color of your apparel should be the main tone and the accessory should center on it. This gemstone bracelet is detailed with irregular design and fits into your ensemble naturally.


A tennis bracelet glittering with encrusted diamonds is paired with your charming gown for a remarkable visual effect. The embellished diamonds provide a splendorous look. It is also a good choice to make.

Flower Series Bracelet


Casual: In view of a casual occasion, comfort is a priority.  Multi-strand bracelets, leather bracelets, cuff bracelets, beaded bracelets and wristwatch bracelets are all decent enough.


The multi-strand bracelet presents beauty of complexity. This bracelet is adorned with gold-tone mixed metal and shinning crystal accents which brighten your skin tone.


The cuff bracelet will finish your look with an addition of fashion. The characteristic of plainness coordinates with causal wearing.


The beaded bracelet locks people's look down with a graceful statement. It is the first choice for Mori girl style clothing.


Have a shot at leather bracelets and wristwatch bracelets and they will not disappoint you.

Star Pendant Bracelet


Dressy: The pearl itself is classic and ornate. Wearing it on wedding occasions adds extra charisma. 


 It is a must-have accessory that  looks stunning as well as ravishing.


Besides, it blends well with a tennis bracelet and dazzles you, making you the most beautiful bride in the world.


Pearl Bracelet


Travel: As for a holiday, a bohemian style dress must be most women's favorite. A turquoise bracelet comes in handy.


The lively and refreshing color of it mixes with your flowing dress ideally.

Gemstone Bracelet