The Best Ways to Keep Bath Towels in Shape



You may feel satisfied when there is a fresh, clean, soft bath linen in your bath room. And also you need to take steps to their use and keep them soft. The following passage has list some best tips on how to keep your towels in good position.

How to Keep Bath Towels:

Wash your towels in advance. You need to add 1/2 cup of white vinegar into water if your towels are never washed. Since the vinegar is a useful material to stop colors from fading and the colors springy.

Dry towels with a gentle temperature. Towels should be aired under a warm circumstance. Excess heat in drying can shrink towels, so never use a hot dryer to dry your towels, besides, their absorbency will be decreased if all the fibers are melt. On the other hand, it may cause mildew growth if you store towels into your cabinet, to avoid it, you need to make the towels dry before you put them away.

Make your towels air dried as much as possible. It is difficult to well control the heat from a dryer. Dry them by exposure to the air is the best way to make the towels neat and tidy, which can also help reduce your daily expenses.

Snip off messy threads when you see them. Just like a sweater unravels, it looks a little ragged when a towel catches on things or has some messy threads.

Keep your towels away from household products. Never put your towels with any household items, like cosmetics, face washes that contain benzoyl peroxide, and household cleaners. Since these daily supplies, like face wash and cleaners can easily dirty or bleach the area they come in contact with. And it is feasible to using an older towel or washcloth to cover makeup.

Don't wash towels with your other clothing. The most effective way to make your towels tidy is to wash them only with the same towels. It will fray the towel fibers because short fabric fibers and long fibers of bath towels can be easily twisted.