SD Cards Fact Sheet

SD cards are among the world's most popular formats of data storage, These small devices specialize in hold contact information, photos, music and more, and they are widely used in many portable electronics, such as cell phones, music players and cameras. Using a SD card can greatly expand the amount of memory for many device, Here are a few things you should know about SD cards.

Details of SD Cards:

Definition of SD Cards: An SD card usually comes in a small size, and it is a form of flash memory storage used across a variety of electronic devices. SD cards can read, write and delete data. They are used to provide high-capacity memory in a regular shape, and the three form factors are the original size, the mini size, and the micro size. Also if you want to replace your SD card, just take it out from the slot in your electronic device.

Speed Calculation: The speed of SD memory cards vary with different types, the commonest speed may be 60x, 120x and 150x. And you can calculate the device's speed through multiplying the number by 150 kilobytes per second. For instance, the approximate speed of a 52x card is 7.8 megabytes (52 multiplied by 150 kilobytes) per second.

Specifications of SD Cards: Standard SD cards are available in capacities of 4 gigabytes of data, while High-capacity SD cards may reach to 32GB. Along with the quick development of science and technology, storage capacity of SD cards is constantly increasing.

Installation of An SD card: You can easily install an SD card on any device by inserting the card into the corresponding SD slot. There is a user manual that will tell you how to format your memory. It may spend a few minutes finishing installation, and most SD cards and flash memory cards install themselves automatically.

Available to Computer: You can insert your SD cards in your computers directly as long as there are some built-in memory card slots, or you may require a media card reader to link up the card with your computer. Your computer will recognize the SD card as "removable storage" or as a connected drive. Before plugging into other devices, you'd better to format your SD card to make sure your computer can read it .