Eight Steps to Make a Watch

This passage is to introduce how to make quartz digital watches with LED. Although it requires caution andprecision for makers to assemble such watches, the manufacturing process seems to be the most vital segment for making such watches.

Quartz Processing

Process the quartz

1. A diminutive sliver of quartz is the core of a quartz watch. The manufacturer usually uses a diamond saw to cut the synthetic quartz. After that, the quartz will be sent to the watchmaker. It is an important step to produce"grown" quartz.

2. To enable the piece of quartz give its full play, people need to store it in a vacuum chamber of one sort or another. Generally, the quartz is sent to a sort of capsule, with wires that are accessible to both ends, which makes the capsule easy to be welded or linked to a circuit board.



Microchip Processing

                        The microchip of the watch

3. A battery through the quartz is the source of the power of the electronic leads, and the current leads are linked to a microchip, which is defined as “frequency dividing circuit ". The supplier to the watch manufacturerconducts the manufacture of the microchip as well as that of the quartz. Making microchips is a complicated and long-lasting process, and it contains chemical and /or x-ray etching of a microscopic electronic circuit onto a tiny piece of silicon dioxide.


4.The oscillation rate is largely lessen to 1 or 60 or some other more controllable number of oscillations, whose original oscillation is totally up to 100,000 vacillations/second. The new data is then sent to another microchip that serves as a “counter-decoder-driver”. This chip will receive and record the oscillations. If the oscillations reach to sixty oscillations per second, the chip will soon alter the indication on an LED every second. After 3600 oscillations (60x 60), the indication will be soon changed for minutes according to the order from the counter. Also, after 60 x 60 x 60 oscillations (216,000), the hour reading will replace the minute.


How to assemble a watch

The movement is assembled inside the case to make a complete watch

5. A circuit board mainly consists of an complete set of crystal and microchips. The board offers a space to store the battery, all by which the power of the quartz crystal and the LED display is supplied. Specifically, the battery is located on the exterior of the surface, opposite the back of the case. Also the battery can be replaced by opening the back of the watch and changing the old one with a new one.

6.The mechanism used for adjusting the watch is then combined, and the two pins that belong to the mechanism are to stretch out of the case of the watch. One pin helps the counter circuit detect the faulty reading among seconds, minutes, and hours. The other pin allows the owner to reset the reading.

7. Next, close the entire circuit board with a battery into a case, and warp a wrist strap to it.


Quality Control

Waterproof watch under running water

8.After a watch is produced, it should be examined for twice before being put on market. Except for its time-keeping accuracy, a drop-test should be done so as to ensure it is of good quality, able to work well after being dropped or abused. And other tests should be conducted as well, like a temperature test and a water test. Though the watchmaker may declare that their watch is "water resistant" which has been proved by strict water testing at certain specifications, it may be incorrect to say the watch waterproof since what he said makes no sense without such specifications.



Shipped to market


The watch is now completely finished and you can put them up for sale at any time.