Maintenance Of White Shoes

White shoes can make great contribution to your dressing, even when you are in the simplest outfit with jeans and T-shirt. However, white shoes are so easy to be spotted by dirt and stains that they may lose their original glamour, when you are in white suede shoes or white canvas shoes. So it is of great necessity for you to learn how to keep white shoes neat, and here are several important tips.

Tips on maintenance of different white shoes

Cloth shoes: If your favourite white shoes are made of cloth, using a brush and a liberal amount of soap can perfectly polish your shoes. Just rub the soap against the outside of the shoes or dip the shoes in water, both are reliable ways. Also, it is feasible for you to use a washing machine to clean shoes in warm and soapy water, and do not forget to let them dry naturally.

White canvas shoes: When Cleaning up your canvas shoes, first you need to pat the soles of your white canvas shoes together to clean up the loose litter. Second, take off the latchet, remove the caked cumulated grime by a wet cloth and dip the shoes in water. Next, use a soft toothbrush and soapy water mixed with a mild detergent to remove the rest stains. To make them air-dry, use paper towels or plain white paper to cram the shoes and sprinkle them with a fabric protector. At last, put the laces into the washing machine with white items, or rub them by hand. Also let them air-dry.

White rubber shoesWhen handling with rubber shoes, you’d better use a cloth mixed with soapy water to polish the dirt and light marks. When it comes to stubborn marks, a brush with soapy water is the best choice. Of course, let them air-dry or use a dry cloth to wrap them.

Smooth leather shoes:If your leather shoes are stained, try to use a soft cloth or brush to make them tidy. And a mild soap is also advisable, like dish-washing liquid. Make them dry in natural conditions and use a cloth to burnish them with a polish intended for white shoes.

White suede shoes:A suede brush is also a great tool to rub away all the dirt, dust or any litter stained with your suede shoes. When your white shoes are spotted with water stains, cleaning them up with a sponge is the best way. Also, when the shoes are clean and dry, try to spray them with a suede protectant.