12 Kinds of Pets You Never Thought Could Be Pets

In modern life, many people keep pets in order to stay away from loneliness and derive joy fromkeeping pets. And speaking of pets, you may easily think of lovely animals like dogs and cats. Because it is not rare for us to picture a person walking his dog.


But hey, pets are more than dogs and cats! Here are 12 kinds of exotic pets.



1. Capybara

Hey, y’all! Capybara is the new…well, pet! A capybara is basicallya giant hamster.

Melanie Typaldos and her husband Richard treat their capybara like a dog. They let him sleep in their bed and take him out for trip. In all, they shared a lot of great moments with their capybara.

Some capybaras like to swim, so you’ll definitely need some pool toys. And you’d better throw pool parties because capybaras love them. They will totally be the life of the party.

Capybaras also get alongpretty wellwith cats. They are also big fans of dogs.




2. Spider


Spiders have a strong sense of territorialism, so they should be raised separately and you should always stay three feet away from a spider.


One popular kind of spider now is “Fire Rose” from South America.They are well received by animal lovers because they are highly adaptable and are of lower level of aggression.


A spider keeper said he found if he stares at spiders they stand still. Get a spider, then you can play staring contest.


Can a spider kill a human? Imagine driving a car when one falls down on your lap. Nobody can really know for sure how many car drivers have driven into walls, other cars, trees or buildings because of one of these otherwise harmless spiders. So under those kinds of circumstances, yes, a spider can kill a human.




3. Scorpion


Keeping scorpions as pets is becoming increasingly popular. They are relatively affordable and require very little life-supporting effort.


A scorpion is a pet you can never hold. He won't learn to recognize or interact with you, but he will make up by providing you with hours of fascinating observation.


They can be easily found at pet shops, online dealers and breeders. If you are looking for an interesting pet, a scorpion makes an excellent choice.



4. Ferret


Baby ferrets are sound sleepers, they sleep so soundly that you could pick one up without awaking it.


Ferrets need to be trained not to bite, as do dogs and cats.


Ferrets love chasing things! Here is how you make it happen.


Items needed: old sock, shoestring, and a dog or cat.


Get a sock and tie it to the shoestring. Tie the string to your dog's tail, sit back and enjoy the show!


The initial price of a ferret can vary widely. Some private home breeders sell their ferrets for $200 to $400, depending on the color.




5. Llama


Llamas don't bite. They spit when they're agitated, but that's mostly at each other. This is cute, just like what mischievous little kids do.


Llamas are curious. They explore everything. So be sure to keep your important file away from it.


You’d better keep contact with a baby llama to the minimum. When grown, they will treat you like llamas and fight with you. It's true! A baby llama too exposed to humans will regard humans as llamas when it is grown. Consequential behaviors include kicking, spitting, and trying to neck wrestlewith humans. You surely don’t want be kicked by a llama.




6.  Fox


What the fox say?


If you want to know the exact sound of fox, buy one. What may be annoying is the bad smell of its poop. Foxes can never become fully trustworthy and are especially dangerous around children. Most states will destroy a pet fox if a bite is reported because there is no vaccination protocol.


So, think before you leap.




7.  Lynx


You may wondered about the feasibility of owning a exotic cat as a pet. The fact is Lynx can also make good pet.

Sophia has been living with her pet Lynx Zen since her parents rescued it. She has developed such a close friendship with the lynx that the lynx lets her dress him up, play games with her and sleeps on her bed.

Yet the Lynx population is shrinking and governments are paying efforts to protect them. So it requires luck to have a lynx as your pet.



8.  Chinchilla


Have you watched a Japanese movie named Totoro? If you have, you must think it’s pleasant to have a fleshy chinchilla. Actually, raising a chinchilla is indeed of great pleasure.


Chinchillas are clean and they don’t catch disease easily. They sleep during the day and come out after sunset. Night persons can exactly fit in the routine of chinchillas.


Chinchillas have a similar hearing range to that of us humans. They can hear the same tones and pitches as we do. They are believed to have the softest fur in the world, as much as thirty times softer than human hair.

So you can take your chinchilla as a soft pillow and listening to music with your special pillow on your legs. And just imagine the scene that you and your chinchilla dancing in the moonlight, like in the movie.



9. Tibetan Mastiff


Tibetan mastiffs are regarded asnoble dogsin Tibet. The mystic charm of Tibetan mastiffs lies in their enormous strength and independence. They look like lion and dare to fight any beasts.


If you keep a baby Tibetan mastiff and witness its growth, it will regard you as its family member and take you under its wings. You don't have to worry about bullies any more.


And It's said if you smell and embrace a Tibetan Mastiff twice a day, you can keep doctors away. Guess this is the sacred healing power of the noble dog.





10.  Wolf


Wolf Totem, a novel,now also a movie about Mongolian herdsmen and their relation with wolves. Reading this book may help you understand wolves better.


Wolves can also be domesticateddespite their wild and brutal nature. A 79-year-old German manhas been living with wolves for more than 40 years, sharing their food and showering them.





11.  Tiger

A Brazilian family have been sharing their home with seventigers for many years. The family regarded the tigers as close family members. Several years ago, Aryas Borges found two of the big cats and brought them home. His children grew up with the tigers. After living together for a long time, the family has forged anincredible bondwith these tigers.

You can not deny the difficulty and danger of rearing a tiger and living with it. But you can surely relate to the joy of their keepers.



12. Pygmy Marmoset


The Pygmy Marmoset is the smallest monkey in the world. Now stick your thumb up, a newborn is the size of your thumb! The parents stay together for life, never leave each other’s side if possible. They almost always give birth to twin babies.


Pygmy Marmosets mainly eat small plant leaves and they also like eating different types of insects.


A pygmy marmoset will normally cost anywhere between $3,000 and $30,000.