Important Things To Consider When Buying Necklaces For Women Or Men

Men and women wear necklaces for decorative purpose. A carefully chosen necklace interacts and accentuate wonderfully with your face shape, neckline, height, build and clothing. Furthermore, a necklace should find its right place for different occasions, age and sex. In general, you would love your necklace to serve these three functions:

Frame your face into better shape, draw attention away from imperfection of your figure, and even make you look taller.

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The first important piece of information is your neck size, which most people have not take the time to measure yet. Simply use a soft rubber ruler and snugly wrap it around your neck, not too tight.

If you do not have a soft ruler at hand, find a string or rope, circle it around your neck, mark the point of the neck's full diameter, then measure the rope with a metal ruler.

Once you have your neck size, get one size larger when you shop for necklace, e.g. if your neck size is 14 inches, then the necklace length should at least be 16 inches.


Now it's time for you ladies to put names to different length of necklaces. By lengths, there are 6 types of necklace for women. As shown below:

necklaces for women

Measurements of styles listed by online sources may vary, somehow you can manage to tell which style your necklace is. Just observe the relative position of the necklace to your body parts.

Style Length Position
Choker 10-14 " Wraps closely around middle or bottom of your neck
Collar 15-16" Sits on your collar bone
Princess 17-19" Slightly below your collar bone
Matinee 20-24" Lower than your collar bone and above your bust
Opera 25-38" Over your breast bone and between your breasts
Rope/ Lariat 38" + Below your navel area

While for gentlemen, there are no such names for different styles. Here is a comparison of men and women's necklace lengths:

mens necklace

20-inch necklace is the most popular among men.

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While necklaces for men are much easier to choose from, and we understand that males wear necklaces for casual occasions only, the point then is to make the selection in concord with the

gent's character.

Having learned the basics of necklace lengths and types, I bet you must be wondering how best to put them to work.

Shall we start with choker, all the way to rope, ladies?

But before that, perhaps you need to be filled in with definition of various face shapes and necklines.


Diagram of common face shapes:

face jewels

And if your are still unsure about your face shape, browse through the information via this link:


Diagram of common necklines:

types of necklines

Now we are ready to talk about how necklaces frame your face shape, keep in harmony with your neckline and dressing, compliment with your neck length and dressing, accentuate your

figure and height.


> Choker Necklace



If you have a heart shape, triangle, or square face, to smoothen up the sharp angles,a choker necklace is always the top choice. Better yet, get a bulky piece of choker with layers and large volume , which when situated under your pointy or angular chin, restores balance to your facial contour. But if you have a round face, strictly keep yourself from wearing chokers.


Neckline & Dressing:

Your taboo with wearing choker necklace is mixing it with turtle neck or high neck dresses. It is, however, perfect if your dress is an off-shoulder one, with spaghetti strap or strapless. Chokers also look great with square, sweetheart, V-neck and surplice necklines. Typically, choker is a walk-on-the-red-carpet necklace, dressy and a little extravagant, so you had better not wear it in formal occasions such as business negotiations or congressional hearings.


Neck Length:

If your neck is slender and long, choker necklace looks stunning on you. The space between your chin and collar bones should be ideally adorned by a well matched choker. However, when your neck is not quite long and a little broad as well, the smart thing to do is look for alternatives. Because choker can even make you entire person look shorter, under the worst case scenario.


Figure & Height:

When we talk about your figure, the chief function of choker necklace is probably drawing attention away from your bosom. So if you have been blessed with a voluptuous bust, and need to even out your body feature, choker is the way to go. Choker brings no obvious visual improvementon the height of petit ladies, the key point is not to wear it around a short and broad neck.


choker necklace


> Collar Necklace



Slightly longer than choker, collar necklace is not fit a good match with round face, either. If you have a square face, a collar necklace is what you need to make up for the broad jaw line and tough angle. You may also want to find chunky collar necklace, with thick threads, large gemstones, or expansive tassels. The cluster that rests on your collar bones can make your facialfeatures appear more gentle.


Neckline & Dressing:

Best types of necklines for wearing collar necklace are square, scoop, boat and v-neck. So in general, dresses with wide and deep neckline are well suited by collar necklaces. And of course, off-shoulder outfits never go amiss with collars. As is the same case with chokers, you would like to make a point of not wearing collars in formal events and with turtle-necks or high neck tops.


Neck Length:

For ladies with delicate neck contours, the slenderness of your neck make it OK for you to buy tightcollar necklace. When the collar necklace is tight enough, you are allowed to slide it up towards your chin. And when you do that, the collar would become similar to a choker, you may feel free to choose extra-wide pieces, or those of multiple layers.


Figure & Height:

Collar necklace beautifies both full chest and flat chest ladies alike. If your chest is of modest dimension, put on a collar on the delicate side; if your chest is fully grown, then an extra large collar can help you evenly distribute the attention from your beholders.


collar necklace

> Princess Necklace



Princess necklace is considered to be the safest choice for any facial contours. You just need to pay heed to your overall hair style and makeup - not too avantgarde, since a princess necklace is meant to be sweet and adorable.


Neckline & Dressing:

A princess necklace is a great match with strapless or off shoulder dresses, while it's the best choice with open-neck blouse with collars. It sits on your skin above your chest, adding attraction to the collar area. For high neckline, princess necklace is the most foolproof option. Generally, be it formal or casual occasion, picking a princess necklace should pose no risks.


Neck Length:

The slimmer the neck, the better a princess necklace looks on you. But girls with fleshy neck can wear a princess necklace as well, given that it's delicate and light, not making your neck seem even bigger.


Figure & Height:

Princess necklace suits all kinds of body figure and height. For ladies of average or shorter than average height, princess necklace is the right length and position on your body. If you have a curvy, full figure, princess necklace gives you a more decent look. Because any longer than that, the necklace get caught in your cleavage, making your breast look larger and you more conscious.


princess necklace

> Matinee Necklace



Given the versatile nature of a matinee, the length of the necklace itself is not the factor with framing your face. Take into account what design elements go into your matinee necklace, that better balance your face shape. There can be circular or angular shapes, geometric or antique styles, beads or metal, the choices is unlimited and you are free to improvise with your face shape in mind.


Neckline & Dressing:

A matinee usually hangs at the upper end of your cleavage, it's a great choice for both high and low necklines. Adding style to your dress, in both casual and business surroundings, a matinee looks best worn alone, instead of being interfered by other items on your outfit, like a chain or broche.


Neck Length:

V or Y shape necklaces that serve to elongate the visual effect of your neck are usually of matineelength. Such shapes are achieve through pendants or special clasps. Try a matinee if you are not so happy about the contour of your neck, there might be a pleasant surprise.

Figure & Height:

Matinee necklaces are known for great cover for large bust, deep cleavage, so you can derive a sense of security from it, and justify a dress that's more revealing than you are normally used to. But we all know a matinee is more than a cover, designed and worn properly, it can even make you appear taller and slenderer than you really are. Again, think V-shape and Y-shape matinee.


chunky necklaces

> Opera Necklace



If you are sure there is something to be done with your face shape, be it too round or too square, an opera necklace is the go-to item to draw attention away from your face and chin. But given it's extra length, rectangle, oblong and heart shape faces are better served when the opera necklace is folded into choker or collar length, when it gives your face a rounder illusion. It also helps diminishing the overly triangular impressing of your face.


Neckline & Dressing:

With lengthy opera necklace comes room for your creativity. Double stranded, it rest on top of your cleavage, giving emphasis to that area; single stranded, it lives up to its name and turn into a dramatic opera traversing most of your upper body. Such length is especially elegant with formal garments such as a gown or a blouse. For instance, blouse with high collar and neckline would definitely appreciate the marvelous addition of an opera necklace.


Neck Length:

Opera length means also the effect to draw eyesight of the others away from your neck. So if the shortness or bulkiness of your neck cause you discomfort, go with an opera necklace, as the guaranteed remedy. But if you prefer to wrap the opera necklace into double strands and choker/ collar length, a slim neck shape can certainly accommodate your little creativity.


Figure & Height:

Ladies with height between 5'4 - 5'7 (163 - 170 cm) are the perfect vessel for a full length opera necklace. It will give your slim and tall figure a captivating air of grace and theatrics. Athletic womenshould absolutely put on an opera necklace, and find out how much femininity it brings back to you, sauntering to a party with the long dangling strand. That is how dramatic the opera can be - it leaves different audience with their own emotional energy towards the wearer, and it's constantly in motion.


opera necklace


> Rope/Lariat Necklace


Not risking overgeneralization, a rope necklace are commonly seen as beaded and non-clasped due to exceptional length. While a lariat does have a clasp, which serves more than attaching both ends, but can be used to create unique shapes, e.g. V, Y or y shapes.



These longest of all necklaces either gets wrap in to multiple layers, around your neck, and take away visual effect of your sharp edges, balancing out your long facial contour. Or the single string is kept and pull the focus downwards to your navel area. For some ladies with ideal face shape like oval, the wearing experience of such necklaces becomes the most imaginative, e.g. a collar/ matinee length on top of an opera, this way even dresses of the plainest of colors and the most basic cut are made interesting.


Neckline & Dressing:

Because of their length, rope and lariat can be folded and look like you are wearing several different styles altogether - choker, collar, princess, matinee and opera all one your neck. The high level of dynamics of such an arrangement promises stunning chemistry, between your jewelry and your clothing. It also works well with a high neckline.


Neck Length:

Chunky necks benefit from the lengthy strand of a rope or a lariat, elongating the overall shoulder and collar line, pulling attention away from your neck.


Figure & Height:.

Since the natural geometry of an ultra long necklace is to direct others' vision to your lower bodyand torsos, women with large breasts can use it to the shift concentration away from their chest.Those who are more proud of their long legs and slender arms should also consider this option. Eyes will be all over your entire figures, so being confident about your body is the secret in wearing your necklace extra long.


rope necklace


So far, you have been familiarized with the knowledge of mixing and matching necklaces. You havewitnessed the magic that one or a few necklaces can do to frame your face, complement your dressing, balance your body feature, even improve your visual height.


If you there is still perplexity on your mind, especially with necklines and their matching necklaces, here is a little more graphic, in detail tip:

necklaces for necklines

As shown above, these are 12 terrific examples of advice offered by this guide, in real action. Going forward, you will make up your mind as to what styles necklaces suits you. The places where it's possible for all varieties to be within reach are, without a doubt, online stores. More specifically, online shopping centers where different jewelry sellers post their best offers.

So be sure you will go see for yourself.