How To Wear Jewelry To Perfect Your Face Shape

Have you ever tried balancing out your face shape by wearing the right jewelry? Or rather, have you looked closely in the mirror and decided what face shape you have? Because with jewelry, earrings and necklace in particular, face shape is an unavoidable factor you should be aware of.

If you haven't done the above, perhaps we can start from taking a photo of your lovely face, preferably with your hair pulled back, revealing the hairline. Then you may draw an outline of your face like these below.

face shapes

The difference between an oval face and an oblong face can be blurred, while an oval is formed by curved line all around, oblong is straight on the left and right side. Although both face shape feature a jaw line that is slightly narrower than the forehead.

Meanwhile, rectangle is the long version of square. And they both have sharp angles, especially around the forehead and jaw area.

Diamond is similar to oval, but with sharper angles, and the width between the cheekbones is the widest.

Heart shape is characterized by a slight dip in the hairline, other than that, it shares wide cheekbones and pointy chin with diamond.

Triangle face is usually inverse triangle, with prominent cheekbones, broad forehead and pointy chin.

If you are still confused, here is a more specific explanation:

How to Figure Out the Shape of Your Face

Now, how does jewelry help to neutralize the imperfections that come with your face shape, be it inconveniently long, overly round or excessively sharp?

Let's look at each individual face shape.


Almost anything works well with an oval face. So it’s extremely hard for you to come to a decision, facing such vast possibilities. When you look at earrings, studs, hoops, dangles earrings, anything would be brilliant if you choose wisely. Any length and style of necklace would do. When you think about as set of earrings and necklace, try clear-cut geometric shapes like triangle, chevron, they can work magic for you. And since anything goes, who’s to say you shouldn’t get more creative?

oval face shapeface jewelry

jewelry setsearrings for oval shaped face



earrings for face shape  dangle earrings

- Rectangle and oblong

If you have a long face, choose large volume, circular earrings. Sometimes round shapes combined with square can achieve surprising effect, too. Also a button earring looks great on your rectangular face. While chokers should be the primary option, so you can cancel out the length of a rectangle or oblong face. And of course, you may want to avoid long earrings and necklace.

fashion jewelry sets  round earrings

flower necklaces  hoop earrings

- Round

Angular shapes, long and lean, geometric features, waves in your earrings and necklace add length to your round face. Pay special attention to your earrings, which should always be just a bit longer than your chin. Any thing that can't add length to your face should be abandoned: small studs, chunky or wide earrings, choker necklace. You wouldn't want your face to look rounder, or your neck shorter or thicker.

long necklaces  triangle stud earrings

triangle necklace        silver earrings

clip on earrings  pyramid stud earrings

- Square

I you've got a square face, stay away from angular or square jewelry, go for round, circular, beaded or cascading earrings; long, sleek and flat necklace, not too bulky. The focus is should be giving your face a slimmer accent. Also you would like to soften your sharp contour with smooth and curvy elements in your earrings and necklace. Since square or diamond shaped earrings accomplish the opposite for your face, do steer clear of them.

long drop earrings cascade earrings


pearl earrings  pearl drop earrings

sterling silver earringsdrop earrings

- Diamond, heard, and triangle

Your pointy chin is the facial feature most in need of balancing out. In earrings you are definitely looking for shapes that are larger at the bottom, such as tear drop, oval, regular triangle( as opposed to inverse triangle), all these will perfectly compensate for your narrow jaw line. While in necklace, your will be in search for multi-layered chokers, that add substantiality to your neck area. Necklaces like these serve their destined purpose under your thin and angular chin.

turquoise statement necklace    multi-layer necklace

jewelry earrings  silver pendant necklace

heart earrings

Now that I've given you some simple tips to match your face shapes to your jewelry, I'm sure you will feel more confident later when selecting your own earrings and necklace. Among thousands of choices in the online malls, if you keep in mind what compliment your face shape the best, you can expedite your decision process.