How to Select the Best Tablet PCs

A tablet computer is more portable than a laptop, as it takes up less space and does the same function, like surfing the web, playing games and enjoying multimedia. If you want to buy a tablet, you need to know it can be somewhat intimidating, especially since tablets are a relatively new product on the market.The following guide  features some details on how to find tablets.

Best Features of Tablet:

Systems: Like smart phones, there are also several operation systems in different tablet PCs. The following table demonstrates the most common types of operating systems for tablets, which determine the compatibility of a tablet with other programs.
Four Table Systems:

Android Systems: It is common to see the tablets that feature the Android operating system. There are plenty of apps and supports open-source development for Android tablets.
iOS system: iOS is the operating system that runs only on Apple products, like iPhone, iPod and iPad, also you can download a large number of apps that specially tailored for Apple.

Windows 7 System: The Windows operating system for tablets is known for its multi-touch support, and many of the standard features are also applied into windows PCs.
BlackBerry OS System: This system is mostly adopted into many corporate software suites, like e-mail, contacts and calendar data.

Outlook: The slate tablet design is defined as the most universal product in the market. While some transformable notebook designs are also popular, which have a keyboard and a flexible touch-screen, and separable tablets are also known for their keyboard docking stations and multi-screen folding-booklet designs. Regardless of tablets type has how many kinds, choose the right tablet that fits you best.

Screen Concerned: Apart from tablet design, the screen shape, size and definition should be taken into consideration. Not like the common computer monitors or widerscrees TV, which has a 16:9 aspect ratio, there is no standardization of tablet screen size. Users can find can small 7-inch tablets with 800x480 pixels or much larger 12-inch tablets with 1280x800 pixels. Although these resolutions are smaller than many computer monitors, you can get the same image quality with lower resolution if you have a smaller screen size.

Tablet Weight: The screen size and tablet design determine how heavy the tablet is, apart from some special tablets that have the same weight as a small laptop, most tablets are portable, and their weight are usually less than one pound.

Storage Capacity: Almost all the tablets can hold a lot of data. The storage capacities range from 8 GB to 250 GB, and the extent from 16GB to 64 GB is the most common. When choosing a tablet, you should evaluate your personal storage needs, so it is not very hard to select the storage space.