How to Pack Hard Luggage With Your Clothing

Most of the travelers may be disgusted with their messy baggage and wonder how to manage it. Although hard luggage has various functions when you are on a trip, it is inflexible. So it is necessary for you to learn the best packing ways referring to your hard luggage. And the first step is to learn how to pack your diverse types of clothing.

Packing Hard Luggage:

Pants: When you are distributing the inner space of the luggage, pants should be considered firstly. They are placed at the bottom of the luggage,  usually folded first lengthwise and then in half to show the seam on the side of  the leg. This may help pleat the front of slacks as well. Also jeans and pants can be flexed in half and rolled up to save space, since they are not easy to be wrinkled.

Shirt: When it comes to shirts, you should put them in a couple of areas of your luggage. In order to guarantee proper creases of the sleeves, it is crucial to button the dress shirt and fold each sleeve to the back at the shoulder. And the shirts should be folded in half and smoothed over before you put them on the top of the pants. Also you need to roll your T-shirt to make room for other clothing before putting them in the luggage.

Undergarments and swimwear:Undergarments and swimwear are usually rolled and placed in the open area with fragile stuff. If your luggage’s inner structure has more than one division which can help you separate the dirty laundry and other clothes, it is reliable to put all your undergarments and bathing suits in them.

Shoes and socks:It sounds great to put the rolled socks into the shoes. Then, lay your shoes at the inside edges of your luggage. If you are using a  hard shell luggage with wheelers, just put the shoes at the bottom, which will make perfect balance of your suitcase.

Ties: When handling with the ties, you need a piece of tissue paper to be rolled with the ties from top to bottom so as to make your ties unruffled. Since ties are smaller than other stuff, they can be packed into corners and opens spaces.

Toiletries: Seal your toiletries in a bag and put the bag in the middle of the thick clothing in case it is smashed during your trip.

Sweaters and jackets: Usually, you’d better put your sweaters and jackets on the top of all the other items in your luggage. If they are light in weight, you can also get them rolled up and then place them in any open space.