How to Install a Security Camera

Wherever you are, video surveillance is best security system to prevent your property from any losses. Like security cameras, they provide the assurance that anything and anybody approaching your property and home will be noted. By installing a DVR, it can allows you to view surveillance video remotely, record and conserve all the useful surveillance videos from your security camera system. Here are several tips on how to operate your security system.

How to operate Security Camera:

Proper Position: Place your cameras around your assets, and make sure all the records from the security cameras can be delivered to the DVR, computer, power cables and power sources. If you want to reduce unnecessary trouble, you can arrange cables through an attic, crawlspace or beneath siding. If you think installing cable is troublesome, why not choose the wireless security cameras that only need wiring for power.

Perforate Holes for the Cables: Once you decide to install security cameras on an out-of-door wall or under your eaves, there seems no possibility that perforating holes can be averted, like brick, siding and plywood. Holes in the ceiling or wall seems necessary, since they can make the cable get access to your DVR and computer. Of course, before perforating, you need to note down the location of plumbing and electrical wiring.
Each security cameras has its own coaxial cable for charging, or you can connect it with an independent power cable in the circuit, while such operation needs a professional electrician.

When install cable through the holes, remember to make enough space for them. In order to identity which security camera connects with which cable, it is necessary to mark the ends of the cables.

Install the Mounting Bracket: To make your security cameras fixed firmly, you need to add a mounting bracket or durable materials, like wall studs. Since each security camera comes with different size and weight, how to install it is based on its featured instruction.

Link Up with Cables and Install the Cameras: The instructions tells all the details on how to link up the coaxial and power cables with each security camera. There are usually two ways to install security cameras: Revolve onto the bracket or rotate on to the mount firmly.

Access to Computer: Link the marked coaxial cables to the corresponding slots on your DVR. It is advisable to connect the DVR to your computer or install a monitor to the DVR, all depends on the model.

Check the Security Cameras: Check each security camera at regular intervals to ensure its function. And the feature of line-of-sight also needs to be checked and adjusted from time to time.