How to Go with Your Muffler

Among all the tips which can make your look fresh and fashionable, wearing a muffler is really a convenient method. The key point is whether you know how to match the muffler with your dressing, for that it effects your purchase choose. The worst result might be that you got dozens of headwear you don't really want. This article aims to tell you how to pick up your mufflers.

Assort your Headwear Cabinet:

Long muffler: Long style muffler can provide more options for the way you wear. In cold winter, you can choose woolen mufflers or flannelled headwear, while in spring and autumn, thin and soft silk muffler would be better. It looks great whether you hang the muffler or tie a knot.

Quadrate muffler: In formal occasions, quadrate muffler can well match with your blouse, especially for larger mufflers, they are easier to match with your dressing. For silk mufflers, they are almost suitable for all occasions. You can also prepare for some cotton ones. Commonly, you can pucker it in a triangular shape and wear it as you like.

Silk muffler: Regardless of the style and dimension, silk muffler can always satisfy your needs. Like the designed pictures on the silk mufflers, they can make you special and fresh. Anyway, silk mufflers are always suitable, no need to consider the style or weather.

Woolen muffler: Make sure you have prepared some woolen headwear if the weather is colder. And pay more attention to the colors, so that they will match with your overcoats.

Cotton muffler: Cotton mufflers are also available in all climates. The difference is where you use the muffler to cover. A year passed by while you moved the muffler from your head to your neck.

Recommend suitable muffler for you:

Part and whole match: Match a thick wool muffler with a totally black suit of clothes in winter, or wearing a draped ivory muffler together with an ivory suit of clothing.

Fashion and classic match: Wearing a twinkling muffler in match with classic clothing, while the metal color is popular that time.

Skin color match: The muffler, same color with the neck, helps to represent a good appearance.

Tone on tone match: Black color would be better to combine with green, purple, etc, which looks good.

Warm color match: Woolen mufflers can provide more functions, with different colors and styles. If the day is not good, a warm-tone muffler can increase some good effects.

How to tie a muffler:
Make a knot for long muffler embracing the neck
Put silk muffler on the holder of handbag
Make small quadrate silk muffler like an ascot
Fold the textile muffler as men's tie
Tie the muffler circularly as a ribbon
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