How To Fill Your Cabinet With Shoes For Different Seasons - With A Bit Of Swag



The style of shoes changes along with seasons and climate. The variety of shoes is becoming so great that it's getting hard for you to choose shoes which will work in daily life. Pay particular attention to this ladies' shoes buying guide. It provides you with information on suitable shoe types in spring, summer, fall and winter. All you need to do is to enjoy the adventure and make sure you take home the perfect look.


Shoes for Spring


The weather in spring is unpredictable and varied. Sometimes it may be cold enough to be freezing, but it may become warm enough to play outside tomorrow. There are springtime shoes for the changeable temperature.


1. Flats


Flats often have a low heel or skip the heel. It is a relief from high heels for women. The materials used to produce them are rich, such as satin, leather, velvet and so on. They also come in a wide variety of colors. From texture to colors, options of flats are abundant. The advantages of flexibility and versatility make flats a popular choice for street wear and formal dress alike.


Flats for Women


2. Ankle Boots


A pair of ankle boots covers the area of both ankles and ends one to four inches above your ankle. Whether to have a heel or not depends on your choice. They are usually seen in leather or synthetic leather-like materials. Ankle boots with high heels are strongly recommended to be matched with formal attire, while low heels complement casual outfits.


High Heel Shoes for Women


3. Peep-toe Booties


The front toes are exposed when you wear a pair of peep-toe booties. They stretch to end right at the ankles. Vividly colored booties are favored by most women, especially the ones in nude color. Women kitted out in peep-toe booties will create a stunning image. It is appropriate for you to wear them in social gatherings and workplace. However, having presentable toes is a prerequisite to wear peep-toe booties.

Booties for Women


4. Wedges


The primary  feature of wedges is the solid heel. The heel extends from the back of the shoes to the front of the shank, thus forming an image of a tread. The material of the upper portion can be canvas, leather, or other synthetic fabrics. The solid heel can be composed of wood, cork, or rubber. If you pick the right pair of wedges, they will both give you comfort and reflect your trend savvy.


Wedge Sandals


5. Pumps


Pumps is a kind of classic shoes with a low-cut front and generally without straps. As designs diversify, some may have ankle straps. The heels range from undeniably sexy stilettos to vintage thick stack heels. The color varies from bodacious blue to outrageous orange. It's a good alternative for springtime shoes.


Pumps for Women


6. Mary Jane Shoes


The traditional Mary Jane shoes are characterized by broad and rounded toes, thin straps that cross the instep fastened with buckles or buttons, closed heel counters, thin outsoles and low heels. Designers have modernized them and they appear in different combinations of looks. Women adore leather and patent leather much more in a pair of Mary Jane shoes.


Mary Jane Shoes for Women


7. Sneakers


Sneakers, also called athletic shoes, are equipped with a rubber sole and a leather or canvas upper part. The selection of high-, mid-, or low-top style is determined by the wearers' needs. Designed with the purpose of sports activities, sneakers have been worn more widely for everyday use in modern times.


Wedge Sneakers


8. Boat Shoes


Boat shoes are famous for the siping in the shoes' soles, which allows people to run easily without slipping and makes them perfect for boating. Deck shoes and topsiders refer to boat shoes, too. They are typically made of canvas or leather in a moc-toe construction, with non-marking rubber soles.

Women Boat Shoes

9. Loafers


Loafers are low and lace-less shoes with a moccasin construction. The front of the shoe is often decorated with tassels or metal ornaments. They have increased in popularity worldwide.

Loafers for Women



Shoes for Summer


The coming of summer means that the sun stays with us longer and the weather is hot. You need a pair of airy and light shoes to keep your feet cool for the sizzling hot summer.


1. Sandals


Sandals expose toes and a majority of skin on your feet so that airiness is achieved and exoticism is shown. The heel is secured with a slingback, an ankle strap, a buckle or a zipper. They can be composed of rope, rubber, leather, etc. There is a riot of colors available. You can choose a shiny color to complete your care-free summertime look.

Flat Sandals: flat sandals have low heels or no heels at all. The distinctive flat sandals are gladiator sandals: a modern version of ancient Roman gladiators' footwear, open-toed T-bar sandals with several straps running across the feet.

Wedge Sandals: a type of sandals with wedge heels.

Platform Sandals: A pair of sandals with flat and high heels.

Tribute Platform Sandals: sandals with a thick front heel and a stiletto back heel.

Wedge Sandals


2. Flip-Flops


Y-shaped strap is the hallmark of flip-flops. The strap passes between the first and second toe. Colors and styles are not limited, from mono-colored to multi-colored.

Flip Flop for Women

3. Mules


A type of shoes with an open back, often a closed toe and heels of various heights. You can  make a choice among a host of styles, including casual, sporty, embellished, elegant and so forth.


Mules Shoes for Women


4. Fretwork booties, peep-toe pumps, canvas sneakers and leather or canvas flats will not let you down.


Peep-toe Pumps



Shoes for Autumn/Fall


The changing weather prompts you to stow away your summer equipment and cast covetous eyes on fall shoes. Autumn is a boot season. Boots will get you through the season with functionality and chic.


1. Boots


Boots cover the ankle and extend up the leg, even stretch as far as the knee or over the knee. Pair high heeled beauties with formal ensemble, and low heeled beauties with casual ensemble. They are mainly made from leather or rubber, but also from other materials. The epitome of fall fashion must be boots.

  1) Ankle Boot: the lower part of the calf is covered;

  2) Calf-length Boot: the curve of the leg is covered;

  3) Knee-length Boot: the area just below the knee is covered;

  4) Over-the-knee Boot: the boot covers the area which is over the knee.


Knee-length Boots


2. Oxfords


The quintessential fall shoes are oxfords. It is a laced shoe with shoelace eyelets that make it a classic shoe. The materials consist of leather, patent leather, suede, and canvas.


Oxfords Shoes for Women


3. Take textured flats, gorgeous pumps, wedges and sneakers into consideration.

Pumps Shoes



Shoes for Winter


Winter is all about holding on to the warmth. You seek optimal protection against the freeze.


1. Winter Boots


The winter boots offer you a variety of designs to meet your needs, such as booties or a knee length pair. Lined with faux fur, cony hair or sheepskin, the winter footwear can provide much warmth for your feet and keep it warm and snug. At the same time, your style is never dampened.


Boots for Women


2. Moccasins


Deerskin or soft leather is applied to produce moccasin. The sole and sides are made of one piece of leather. Sometimes the shoes are added with a vamp and adorned with embroidery or beading.


Moccasins for Women


3. Try looking for knee high boots made of leather and suede to protect your feet.


Suede Boots for Women




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