How To Choose The Right Jewelry For Your Personality

From social events to daily life, your first impression is made through the clothes you wear, the manner you have, the way you speak and the jewelry with which you accessorize yourself.


You don't know that actually your jewelry captures people's attention and says a lot about you.


Wearing jewelry is a way to express yourself and choosing pieces to suit your personality is important and necessary.


Personality with Types of Jewelry

If you are extrovert, often active and energetic, even attractive, you are advised to put an emphasis on bracelet.

Psychologists say that people with those characteristics are life-loving and determined. Bracelet will be your favorite.

Bright color evokes an image of dynamism and enthusiasm. A bold-colored bracelet is a must-have.


        Resin Flower Bracelet          


Girls who appear shy but are secretly bold tend to let their ears make a statement.

Earrings are representations of sexiness and mystery. They please you the most.

Your wardrobe is filled with dark colored clothing. The color of earrings has to be light and warm.

Brightness paired with darkness indicates that you are hot.


         Austria Crystal Butterfly Beads Earring


If 'whimsical' and 'inscrutable' are the best words to describe you, then the necklace will be your key element in accessory.

Let the necklace take center stage in dressing up and dressing down.  There is a wide range of styles for you to select from. 

Various necklaces can be tried on to find out the one that suits your style.


         Amethyst Diamond Pendant Necklace


Giving prominence to rings is suitable for those who are sophisticated, mature and independent.

Wearing a ring impresses people with confidence. If you appreciate family, then wear a wedding band.

If you want to be in the spotlight, a diamond ring is glittering and gorgeous enough to make you stand out.


Heart Austria Diamond Ring         





Personality with Symbol of Jewelry



If you prefer to wear jewelry with religious symbol, it implies that you have a deep faith and are very religious. 

Sincerity is of the utmost importance. Your jewelry box is probably full of faith related items.

Silver and your religious symbol as below in the picture make a stunning combination.

Jewelry made of silver has become tremendously popular and the attractive prices make possible a variety of choices.


           Crucifix Pendant Necklace


A piece of jewelry with ethnic symbol reflects that there is a close tie between you and a particular ethnicity.

You attach importance to friendship and it is worthwhile to make friends with you. The handmade crafts are valuable to you.

One thing you have to remember is that the chosen piece should be proportional to your ensemble.


               Shamballa Bracelet with Great Britain Flag Pattern Beads


Every outfit is prepared with different jewelry to fit, and it is more likely that you are a sensitive and artistic person.

Paying attention to details means you never fall behind the trend.

Whichever jewelry you decide to match with your wearing, it has to reflect your individual style.


             Crystal Beads in Crescent Pendant Necklace


If you rarely wear jewelry or choose the simple over the gaudy, it might be that you are a down-to-earth person.

People will find that you are easy-going and amiable. Simplicity is beauty. Keep your clothing and accessory fairly basic.

Get away from the vast array of gemstones and give priority to the milky pearls. Nobody can resist the allure of pearls.


             Pearls Stud Earrings



Personality with Shapes of Jewelry


The shape of jewelry is also closely related to your personality.

Not only does it showcase your beauty, but also it  has deep influence on people's opinion of you.



If you are attached to circle-shaped jewelry,  you are most likely an open, vivacious person who is not satisfied with the current situation and always willing to seek and learn something new.

You enjoy the feeling of being in pursuit of innovation. Large hoops or circular style indicates flirtation. Red would be an ideal color for your type.

The vividness plus large hoops or circular style accessory make you look best. Your poise will shine through.


        Flowers Pendant Necklace     


If you lean towards triangle shapes, words like confidence and resolution, must be in your dictionary.

Having a mighty bearing is the prominent feature of your type. Cute and petite items should definitely be ruled out.

Golden color and  triangle shapes work extremely well and show off your stylish flair for fashion.


         Tassel Elements Earrings


Squares often symbolize structured, orderly and well-groomed traits. They add a rigorous touch to you formal wear.

Square shaped necklace is perfect for your suits. Whether you have an interview or go to work, be sure to wear square accessory.

It will be an additional glitz.  


        Square Crystal and Diamond Pendant Necklace     


There is a tendency to have a sharp insight into yourself and continue exploring to improve yourself. Rectangle shapes are your style.

You can create a modern look by choosing jewelry in the latest vogue and hues that are hot on the list.

Don't hesitate to collect diverse styles for various occasions and this guarantees that you will always remain at the frontline of fashion jewelry.


          Zircon Rectangle Stud Earrings




Personality with Style of Jewelry


When it comes to wardrobe choices, 'bling-bling' style best suits those who have great confidence.

The sparkling diamond jewelry and the opulent gemstone jewelry draw people's attention at first sight.

You can search for pieces that are shining and vivid for extra oomph.


           Austrian Diamond Heart Shaped Bracelet              


Practical and down-to-earth persons are suited especially well by vintage style jewelry.

Hand-crafted pieces are appreciated very much when worn by you.

Accessory made of leather shows your strong personality without lacking in fashion taste.

Uniquely designed leather jewelry can add a touch of individuality.


        Leather Bracelet with Beads Inlayed


Elegant style is the right choice for women with friendly and graceful disposition.

Pearl is a sign of purity and class which should be included in your short list.

It has an effortless elegance and brilliance. Wearing pearls, you will look stunning for fancy formal occasions.


           Pearls Bracelets




Last Notes...


A girl who loves being in the spotlight is extrovertive and sociable. You play an active and cheerful role in parties and events.

Boldly colored pieces are in place with your brightly colored outfit to attend formal events.

Diamond stud earrings or big hoop earrings enhance your overall look, while causing no distraction.

Chunky bracelets pair harmoniously with dangling necklace. Ring with huge stone can be an added accent to your splendor.


          Emerald Inlayed Earbob with Gold Plated


Trend followers are girls who keep abreast of fashion. You have a good command of knowledge about everything in, new and hot.

The wardrobe is flooded with the latest jewelry and clothes. As trendy stuff changes every season, for you, the choices of designs are not limited.

An important element is that you need to be aware of the current trends and pay attention to the coordination of the mixed and matched elements.


           Resin Triangle Stud Earring with Leopard Pattern



You are one of of those girls who care for details when making a decision and move forward through difficulty.

If you are among those who are refined and sophisticated, pearls are your best friends.

The subtlety and daintiness gives them the ability to go well with your personality.

Pearls would never look gaudy or out of place.


           Pearl Drop Earrings


People who are traditional and conservative opt for finely crafted pieces and nothing fancy, such as silver, gold or platinum ornaments.

They do not clash with other colors easily and are worn for a balanced look to your ensemble.

Sticking to simple style accessories can make you look elegant and unify your entire look.

Another option is to go with sweet old-fashioned jewelry.


          Plum Shaped Sliver Stud Earring


You are like the girl next door, feminine and natural, cute and sweet.

Keep in mind drop earrings, bracelet with butterfly charms and heart shaped necklace will make excellent options for fixing you up.

Add pretty jewelry to make a great impression and you will roll out in style.


           Austria Crystal Heart Earring


Nature lovers find pleasure in being outdoors. You immerse yourself in the beauty and grandeur of Mother Nature.

Turquoise earrings, bracelets, seashell necklace are great match for earthy-toned clothing and other accessories,  colors such as forest green, ocean blue, beige and so on should be on the list of your collection. Emphasize on the beauty of your fresh color by wearing minimal makeup and avoid anything flashy or ostentatious.


           Glass Ball Shaped Earrings


Neatness and responsibility are qualities seen on you. Things organized in an orderly way is what you want.

What matters to you is the consistency of the overall appearance.

Consider items that harmonize with each other. A set of matched jewelry pieces is desirable and ideal.

You can bring out your distinct style by incorporating other same color elements into your outfit.


          Crystal Butterfly Pearl Pendant Jewelry Set


Tomboy is characteristically energetic and has a lifestyle of athlete. With you, time is not spent in dressing up.

It is impossible to make a fuss about matching for any occasion no matter formal or not.

Avoid feminine design and go for items explicitly understated and simple.  Preserve tennis bracelet and pendant necklace which create a sparkling and carefree look.

An easy-going blouse and leisure jeans provide a nice background for your jewelry.


           Geometry Pendant Single Hook Earrings